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Release Details 8.0 (aka Release Notes)


Items listed below are grouped by version (starting with the most current) for quick reference when upgrading. Items which were included in the main 8. version are listed last.

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Any item highlighted below has a potential client impact which may need to be addressed after the upgrade. View the Potential Client Impacts for additional information. 

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8.2.02 - Released April 13, 2015
  1. Coding Adjustments
    1. When creating a requisition from a copy, if a misc. fields is blank, the default established in Admin will be used instead of bringing over a blank.
    2. When creating a requisition from a copy, additional spaces on the Job Description are no longer being added.
    3. If using notes on the job description page of the requisition creation process, the order of the job description sections is now accurately displayed based on the setup in Admin. 
    4. When copying a requisition, if the job description fields are complete on the job description page the warning message no longer appears saying text is needed.
    5. If using a parallel website connected to a single database AND grouping jobs on the site, the number of job listed in the display accurate represent each individual website. 
    6. Duplicate checking is now enforced for Applicants logged into the Self Service module who then browse to a job on the careers site and attempt to apply. 
    7. Application questions which are not part of the online application and only viewable to the applicant on the application questions page, are now saving correctly.
    8. The box to the 'multiple choice' answers for the application and requisition questions is now wider and the values smaller in order to accommodate answers which are very long. The answer should be no longer than 54 characters in order to be fully seen.
    9. The requirement (on or off) for the Voluntary ID of Disability is now being enforced.
    10. Attachments for HTML documents are now allowed (not just HTM).
    11. The Interview Location codes can now be inactivated.
    12. The Score value for the Requisition portion (position 2 on the Applicants page of the Requisition or listed on the Application page of the Applicant profile) has been updated to ensure that the value of the score on the screen is only related to that specific job.
    13. The Score value for the Interview portion (position 3 on the Applicants page) of the requisition now shows the average score of the interviews.
    14. Misc. fields used on the offer letter and offer email are now merging correctly.
    15. Sage Integration - The double check for the SSN/SIN now recognizes the number with or without the dashes.
    16. Sage Integration - WebAPI integration - If the Functional Title in the requisition matches a code already in Sage, the code and the title now properly display. If the codes do not match, the selection from the Sage database correctly pulls the Code & Title combination.
    17. Costpoint Integration - Fields for Veterans information are now passing over to Costpoint in the correct order. 
  2. Feature Enhancements
    1. Print App report now displays the Referral Source for each position next to the job title in [xxx] if it was answered for each position to which the applicant applied.
    2. Offer emails sent from the offer page can now be sent using the Letter directly attached to the offer OR from a letter stored in the Correspondence.
    3. The phone number and email address has been added to the report embedded into the email sent from the References page when selecting to Email References. 
    4. Sage Integration - The WebAPI integration can now handle Enterprise clients as well as ESS user ID integration. 
    5. Costpoint Integration - Military Discharge date has been added to the Costpoint Export. If there is Military History record listed on the experience page, and there is a discharge date, this date will be included in the export file. If there are two records listed, the most recent discharge date will be used for the export.
    6. If deleting applicants using a process in Admin (deleting records or merging) this information is now tracked in the DeletedApps view for reporting. 
    7. Users classified as 'Admin' now have a page in Page Builder to maintain the report categories.  All other Report Writer related setup fields have now been moved to this unique page. 
    8. Dashboards can now be displayed for non-Admin users.

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8.2.01 - Released November 11, 2014
  1. Coding Adjustments
    • Connection to parsing tool updated.  If a user or applicant is getting a Runtime error when uploading a resume for parsing, and update to this version is needed.
    • When making a new online application template and selecting to 'copy from default', the fields for the parsing feature, CAPTCHA, LinkedIn settings and 'Save & Close' message now copy over as well. 
    • The status list available as a filter for the process 'Mass Delete Applicants', has been updated to only show statuses marked as 'Overall Status' since those are the only statuses the system references.
    • When using the On-Boarding feature to trigger emails to users of the system (aka the 'Internal Email'), the preview of the email will show on the bottom of the page regardless of if there is a default already selected for the recipient list of users.
    • When selecting 'Yes' for the Hispanic field via the personal information page of the Self Service module, the ethnic field fills in with the specified value based on the set up of the code.  In the applicant view the field is grey and cannot be changed.  In the user view, the ethnic ID field is missing from the page but the code in the background is completed so the data can be transferred to other HRIS systems or included in reports.
    • If an applicant uploads an attachment and doesn't include a title for the attachment, the title on the user view will simply say 'attachment' so there is a location to click on to download the document.
    • If using the 'Owed Only' option for the offer page, the page now correctly saves the new offers to the summary page.
    • If the default for the field is set to 'Current User', then when copying a requisition or creating from a template where the fields would be blank, the default for the field is used instead. If the fields are filled in, it will copy the values instead of using the default.
    • In the Self Service module, the hover-over on the job title has been removed to correct the view of the job title/code which was previously showing part of the job description instead of the job title or code.
  2. Feature Enhancements
    • If an applicant withdraws from a position via their view of the jobs in the Self Service module AND the Applicant Status Code for 'Withdrawn' is set to automatically notify a user, that email is triggered.  The email contains the same information as the standard Status Change email and the 'user' who make the change will indicate ONLINE.
    • Two new reports ('Cost to Hire' and 'Time to Fill for Multiple Hires') added to the 'Standard' folder of reports in the Report Writer.  
    • The 'Self-Identification of Disability' form can now be a required form.  On the Online Application setup, there is now a pencil icon which allows for the setup to be edited.  If this form should be required as applicants apply for positions, change the field for the requirement to 'Yes'.

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8.2.00 - Released September 25, 2014
  1. The job description boxes and tabs (in the creation process as well as within the requisition file) have been updated to include the HTML editor so it is easy to include HTML content (links, bolding, bullets, colors, etc.) for the job description.
  2. Monitoring tool added to the system which monitors the email connectivity in the system. If the careers module is using the same STMP server then the test will be applicable to both sites. 
  3. The field for 'Exempt' has been added to the list of potential merge fields for the On-boarding emails.
  4. The Self Service module now recognizes a link which includes an embedded req code.  If clicked on, the applicant is directed to the login screen of the Self Service module.  After logging in, the applicant is taken directly to the job description page of the requisition to review  and apply. Sample URL:
  5. Add ‘referral source’ and 'source details' merge fields to the Onboarding Process - Internal Email Template to use as needed.
  6. Resorting from the results page after running a search from the Intro page of the careers module is now working correctly.
  7. Sage File Transfer Method:  Gives the option to  force the field data to be in all upper case when transferred, if desired.  As part of the setup of the Utility program, there is now a box available for "Capitalize Everything".   When checked, the data from the import file will be in upper case when transferred to Sage.
  8. Unhired email is now correctly sending from the Onboarding process.
  9. Costpoint export has been updated based on new specifications provided by the client.
  10. The Location field on the interview page can now be a drop-down (instead of just fill in the blank).  Set-up for this change is on the System Setup page.  If the option is turned on, a new code table is added to the list.
  11. Veterans fields removed from the SS module (to be in compliance with OFCCP) but left in the system for reporting and mapping.  In addition, added a field to track 'Protected Veterans'.
  12. New option of the Job Browsing page which will allow for social media buttons to appear at the bottom of the job description.  Changing the 'Social Media Links' option to Yes on the Job Browsing/Description page of the Careers module will enable three buttons for posting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  The messages will go to the individual's personal accounts.
  13. Group Security updated to add in a security option to the Report Writer menu to allow / deny access to delete reports.
  14. Option added to the System Setup page which will allow the user to change the look of the menus in the system.  Currently have two options (default and Windows7).
  15. Spacing in the task merge field has been updated to properly merge the task when it has carriage returns in the body of the note.
  16. LinkedIn integration has been updated.
  17. If using the LinkedIn feature to create a profile AND using the Custom Login field for the Self Service module, the system will automatically assign the applicant number as the Custom Login field.  The custom field can be changed during the completion of the application process.
  18. The images manager in the HTML editor now saves the full URL to the image file so it will work better in merging documents.
  19. The Sage New Hire and Rehire processes double checks the number of active employees and the license level in Cyber Recruiter.  If the number of active employees exceeds the license level of the Cyber Recruiter system, a message appears indicating that they need to contact their Sage Customer Service rep in order to increase their license level.
  20. Fields to report on the new disability information (answer, signature and date) have been added to all the applicant report writer views
  21. 'Source Details' has been added to the available field list for the Pop-Up in an applicant record.
  22. Codes, Links and Job Boards sections of Admin have been updated to include a ? icon which will re-direct the user back to the appropriate page of Help Central.
  23. JD Edwards integration updated so that the full Org Level structure isn't required.  The information pulls from the requisition, but if all levels aren't needed, then they aren't required to be filled out before the file can be saved.
  24. When adding additional text or updating the task information in an applicant task, the emails now correctly show the changed task information and not the default task information.
  25. A new field has been added to the Self Service module setup which allows the client to indicate if the req code should display in the views in Self Service. If it is set to No, the Job Title will be displayed in the table of jobs.  If set to Yes, the Req Code will show instead.  The current configuration is that the Req Code shows.
  26. On the Sage HRMS integration setup page, if the option for SQL Server (Direct) is selected, a button will appear on the bottom of the page which will test the SQL connection information for the system.
  27. A new Thank You message has been added to the Self Service accomplishing two tasks.  A default message has been added to this new message box which can be changed.  If a Thank You page is not wanted, the content can be completely removed from the page and the system will automatically take the applicant back to the home page.  Note: all content must be removed so it is suggested this be done via the HTML view.
    1) Any custom pages will now appear correctly if they are showing after the Thank You page.
    2) A custom message can be displayed to the applicant during the application process of the Self Service module.
  28. Password retrieval for the self service module has been updated to reference either of the email addresses.  If a match occurs with either one, then the email is set with the login information. If a duplicate occurs with either one, then the message about the duplication is presented.
  29. The title of the skills page with the online application and/or in the self service has been updateable and now you the ability to update the title of the page where applicants add or edit the skills. In Admin > Website > Career Portal > Self Service > Skills - Edit, you will see 2 'Title' fields. The original 'Title' field for the overall skills page title now reads 'Title (Plurals)' whereas the new field for the add and edit pages reads 'Title (Singular)'. Lastly, when there is a title in the 'Title (Singular) field, that title replaces the 'Skill' column header with the new title as well. All this was done to be consistent with the verbiage you are using.
  30. The ability to select more than one answer for application and requisition questions is now available.  This 'Answer Type' option is called 'Multiple Choice.'  When selected and the question is saved, a 'Multiple Choice' hyperlink becomes available in the 'Type' column much like the 'Drop-Down' hyperlink for you to setup values, points, etc.
  31. New security option added to user security which will prevent specific users from seeing any attachment flagged as confidential.  On the attachments page, there is a new checkbox to flag an attachment as confidential.  If the box is checked in the attachment and unchecked in the user security, then the user will not be able to see the attachment in the applicant's profile. This is a new feature nested in the user security.  If the client wants to start preventing access to certain attachments, then the Admin should review the user list to determine who can see these attachments.
  32. Added the '.xlxs' file extension option to requisition and applicant attachment feature.
  33. The 'Incomplete' alert now take into account the status of requisition for which the person applied.  If the status is set to Closed, then the system won't trigger the alert.
  34. A note from inside a requisition can now be used on the Thank You page and Thank You emails of the Careers portal.  Merge fields for each of the note types have been added to the Fields drop-down to allow for the merging. This feature allows for customized Thank You messages based on the requisition selected.
  35. When using the Resume page and uploading a document with a 4-character extension, the extension is now correctly stored so it can be retrieved.
  36. Misc. fields in the Self Service module are saving as expected.
  37. Sage Integration - Pay field calculations updated to calculate the salary and hourly rates correctly no matter which decimal place is used for the 'normal hours' field.
  38. Added the resume and application links to the vCalendar attachment which goes out with Interview Request email.
  39. AccessPI integration has been updated such that  users can now selectively assign AccessPI to applicants via an email notification as opposed to the other method which has all applicants go through the assessment as part of the application process.
  40. The Sage to Cyber Recruiter Pull via Web Services for updating Req Functional Titles and Organizational Levels will no longer bring over any inactive Job or Org codes to Cyber Recruiter, and will inactivate existing codes in Cyber Recruiter that have been inactivated in Sage HRMS.
  41. Resume Text Search within the Cyber Search has been updated.  New rules on how to use this feature.
    For resume Text users can now use the following syntax
    "java" and "C#" or "html"
    Provided that they are encased in double quotes(") and not single quotes ( or the apostrophe character ‘ )
    Additionally statements that contain apostrophes such as don't will be escaped on execution and will not cause breaks and existing statements that contain no double quotes will continue to work.

    Parenthesis can be used but are not needed. Items are used as a filter in the order they are used/found in the resume.

  42. Additional standard reports added under Reports > Applicant > Affirmative Action for the new VEVRRA (Veterans) and 503 (Disability) regulations. 

  43. The Referral Source feature has been expanded to include capturing a source for each position a person has applied to via the system. The following changes have been made.

    1) Two new fields have been added to the record for the requisition to which the applicant has applied called Position Referral Category and Position Referral Source.  These fields can be seen by clicking on the detail of the requisition on the Activity page of the Applicant file or the Applicants page of the Requisition file.

    2) An option has been added to the "My Preferences" to display the 'Position Referral Source' on the Applicants page of the Requisition file.

    3) When applying to a position via the Online Application (1st time applicants) the Referral Source is captured as the "Overall Referral Source" as well as the "Position Referral Source"

    4) In the Self Service module, the Referral Source field on the contact page is now view only after the initial application is completed.

    5) An option has been added to Cyber Search to search on the Position Referral source.

    6) An option has been added to the "My Preferences" to display the Assigned Reqs (Source) on the results page of the search.

    7) Position Referral Source has been added to all the Report Writer views which are "Connector" views.

    Standard Reports and the Database Search for 'Referral Source' will continue to filter against the Original Referral Source.

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8.1.03 - Release May 30, 2014
  1. Specific, IT defined, style has been added to the CSS which controls the Self Service module to allow for a color change to the link for "Withdraw" and "Incomplete" / "Complete" on the Job History page. After upgrading, if the style is not added to the CSS, the links will appear black.
  2. Tool used for the parsing of resumes has been updated.  This requires an additional step to be done with this upgrade and all upgrades after it. 
  3. The spacing in the questions section of the printable application has been updated so long questions wrap to the next line in order to appear correctly on the page.
  4. If the client is using the Hispanic field on the Personal Information page.  This field is now connected to the ethnic origin field and if the applicant answers 'Yes' then the 2nd field is automatically filled in with the designated value and cannot be selected twice.
  5. The ethnic origin setup (codes) now allows for mapping of which code should be considered 'Hispanic'.  When the Hispanic question is answered 'Yes', this value will be added to the field for ethnic origin. In code field double click on "no" to change it to "yes".
  6. If an applicant status is set up to automatically alert a user in the system when the status is used, the emails are now correctly triggering emails when changed from the Routing email response, Interview Invite page, and the On-boarding Process page.
  7. When completing the evaluation form from inside the interview detail record, the system now triggers the completed form to the person who originally scheduled the interview.
  8. The list of statuses available for filters when performing an Applicant Search only show the Overall Status (which is what the field searches) instead of all statuses.
  9. "My Preferences" has been updated so the system will check security for the 'Make Offer', 'Interview' and 'Add Notes' pages and if the user doesn't have access to that in Security, he/she won't be able to add this via the Preferences page.
  10. The Time to Fill report has been updated so that 
    (1) the 'Days to Hire' field is based on the Open Date field instead of the Requested Date field.
    (2) Another field has been added to track the total time for each hire.
  11. Controlled for the uploading and viewing of the docx documents has been updated
  12. Designated merge fields are merging correctly in the 'Internal' email during the On-boarding process
  13. When changing the status of the requisition during the onboarding process, a history note is added to the history page of the requisition that the status was changed.
  14. When using the On-boarding feature, if the status of the requisition or the applicant is changed to something which should be automatically emailing out a change email, the system is now doing so.
  15. The security in the Self Service module for the education page has been updated to be independent for the applicant and the employee.
  16. When an employee or applicant is in self service, after the specified time-out period, the individual is re-directed back to the login page to log in. Previously the individual was "in" but really logged out.
  17. Routing email - sent from the Open Activities page - correctly shows all the merge fields and information in the email.
  18. Links in the Alerts email has been updated with the new encryption which allows them to work correctly.
  19. Selecting "Show Mine Only" on the Open Activities page no longer generates an error message.
  20. Final adjustment to the new Report Writer layout have been made.

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8.1.02 - Released March 20, 2014

  1. Addition of "Disability Form" to comply with new OFCCP regulations
    1. The EEO tab of the Demographics page of the Applicant file 
      -- "Disability" has been renamed to "Disability Form Response" 
      -- Added field to track Signature on the form 
      -- Added field to track Date of the signature on the form
    2. The Status/History page will now have a line item tracking the completion of the form as well as a hyperlink to view and print the form. 
      -- The line item is connected to the access to view the EEO information. If the Group Security does not allow access to view the EEO tab on the Demographics page, it also prevents the user from seeing this form in History. 
      -- The line item will show on the on the "Self Service" tab.
    3. Online Application 
      -- A new page has been created for the Disability Form. It should be added to the Online Application process so Applicants can review it and complete it during the application process.
    4. Self Service Module 
      -- A new page has been created for the Disability Form. It should be turned on for the Applicants and Employees so they can view and complete the form using the profile page. 
      -- "Disabled" has been removed from the standard "Personal Information" page.
  2. Report Writer tool updated
  3. _ReferralSource added to View_ConnectorAppReq.  This field will display the description of the Referral Source and not just the code.
  4. The link embedded into the ics calendar attachment used to complete the interview evaluation has been fixed.  The form will now show correctly.
  5. Applicants page update to allow for status changes by clicking on the status.
  6. "Special Disabled Veteran" added to the list of potential Veterans fields which can be asked of an applicant.  This is not to comply with OFCCP regulations but rather to provide an additional field needed on some Veterans reporting for some clients.  If this field is not needed by your organization, don't add it to the Personal Information page. If it is added and collected on the Personal Information page, this information can pass over to Costpoint during the new hire process.

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8.1.01 - Released February 7, 2014

Adjustments to the core program, including but not limited to:
  1. Default, when parsing, for the 'Did You Graduate' question will now be blank instead of 'No'
  2. If a requisition is denied, the system correctly writes the deny back to the system.
  3. Scrolling order for applicants when started from the requisition has been fixed.
  4. LinkedIn integration updated to work with SSL.
  5. Shortened the default filename when exporting data out of the Req List page because the other ones were sometimes getting too long and causing errors.

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8.1.00 - Released January 27, 2014
  1. Additional encryption added and settings changed to AppSelfService.aspx and AgencyPortal.aspx which prevents the pages from being saved in browser history. 
  2. Pages in Self Service and Agency Portal 'expire' after 1 hour so the link is no longer viewable and accessible.
  3. Login page for user access updated so no information is given if the data entered to retrieve a password is wrong.  New message simply states that the information wasn't not correct. 
  4. Minor errors resolved
  5. Adjustments to the Task and Alert pages / emails based on client feedback. 
  6. When adding in requisition questions during the creation process, after pressing 'Add new Record' if the group is selected, the page narrows down the list of questions based on the group selected.
  7. Wording for "Other Protected Veteran” has been changed to “Active Duty Wartime or Campaign Veteran”.
  8. The 'Primary Email' field is now obeyed when sending out the rejection emails during the Onboarding process. Previously this just went to the Home email address regardless of the setting on the Demographics page.
  9. Leaving the cover letter text box blank is no longer re-directing the applicant out of the system.
  10. If the file has already been downloaded and is in use, a new executable is needed to allow for the changes to the encryption. Download this file

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8.0.00 - Released November 4. 2013 

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New Features (8)

Item 1: Alerts

A new feature of automated alerts was added to the system. The feature does require some IT setup but once that is done there is a library of alerts for you to choose from (upcoming interviews, approvals past due, incomplete evaluations, etc....) You select the alerts you want and import them into your system. After they are imported, you determine what email template that you want to trigger with them. As they run a 'success' and 'failure' email is sent the determine person of what was sent or was attempted each day. An email log for each alert is stored in the alert as well should you need to review an email sent.

If you want this feature to work the following steps need to be performed by IT:
  1. Create an empty folder somewhere on the CR web server to store the alerts program
  2. Download and unzip into that folder
  3. Double-click CRAlertsSetup.exe in that folder and enter your connection information to your CR SQL database AND whoever you want from the HR team to receive the success and failed alert emails after the alerts are ran.
  4. Go into Windows Scheduler and schedule the CRAlerts.exe file to run nightly at whatever time you want. Suggestions is right after mid-night as the alerts are date sensitive. Like (12:05 AM)
Once IT has turned on the monitoring device, the Cyber Recruiter Admin user can use the Page Builder page (Alerts ) to pull the triggers to the local instance.  Many emails are already set up in the system and can just be mapped to the "trigger".  However some emails may need to be modified or created in the Correspondence section. 

Item 2:  On-boarding & Tasks

This feature has been added to allow items related to the on-boarding process to be tracked in a consolidated view related to the applicant.  This tool can be used for more than on-boarding and has been designed to grow with the needs of an organization.  Tasks can be assigned to a user of Cyber Recruiter, a non-user of Cyber Recruiter, or based on the role a person is playing in the process (Recruiter, Manager or Applicant).  

The following sections of the software have been updated to accommodate this feature.

My To-Do List:
        This view has been updated to store not only note follow-up items but outstanding tasks as well. In addition, changes to the workflow in this page have changed.  Details on how the page will work starting in version 8.0 have been updated in Help Central on the My To-Do List page.  The goal of this page is now to provide a user a consolidated view of all Notes which require follow-up as well as outstanding Tasks.   

Group Security:
Group Security has been updated to include access to the Tasks page in the Applicant file.  The default for this page is off.  If this feature is going going to be used, the group security should be edited for the groups which should have access to this page in the Applicant file.  

Correspondence Templates:
Before using this feature, be sure to edit the new email templates specific to this module.  There are emails which are designed to go to the person specified as the "Assigned" person.  If these emails are not configured, the email will go out blank and the people specified will not be notified of the outstanding task. 

Applicant File: 
        A new page called Tasks has been added to the Applicant file which allows a user to develop a list of outstanding tasks.  These can be on-boarding specific, but could be just general tasks.  Tasks can be assigned to users of Cyber Recruiter, external contacts and/or applicants. Tasks assigned to a specific user of the system will appear not only on the Task list in the Applicant file but on the user's To-Do list.  Tasks assigned to external contacts will be notified via email and can "complete" the task via that email.  Tasks assigned to the applicant will be emailed and can display via his/her Self Service home page. 

Applicant Self Service View:  
        If an applicant should see outstanding tasks in his/her Self Service view, edit the 'Home Page' message via the Admin > Website > Careers Portal > Self Service Tab > Main page. Use the drop-down field below the HTML editor to add the merge field for "Task List" to the message.  It may be helpful to also include a message related to the purpose of the task list as well. The applicant will see any outstanding tasks required of him/her.  After completing the necessary steps, the applicant can complete the task and notify the correct users and the system as the same time. 

New Hire Process:
The menu for "New Hire Process" has been changed to "Onboarding Process".  In addition, a new item has been added called "Add Applicant Tasks" which allows for the user to be directed to the Task page during the Onboarding process. This will allow a user to see any outstanding task as well as to add additional tasks if necessary.

Applicant Tasks: A new page called Applicant Tasks has been added to Page Builder which allows the Cyber Recruiter Admin to set up default tasks which can then be used to create the individual tasks lists in the applicant profile.  Tasks can be grouped together into categories for easy addition (i.e. New Hire Paperwork, 2nd Phase Application Process, etc.).

Report Writer:
A Report Writer View has been added to allow for reporting off the new 'Task ' data.

Item 3: Apply with LinkedIn

When Applicants apply for the first time, they can now select to now apply with a LinkedIn profile.  
Additional setup outside of Cyber Recruiter is also required for this feature.
We recommend reviewing the Applicant View so it is clear what can be part of their view of the system. 

Fields which are extracted from LinkedIn include:
   First Name
   Last Name
   City (based on location in LinkedIn)
   Zip / Postal Code (based on location in LinkedIn) 
   Phone Number  (no matter what is specified in LinkedIn, the number brought over is mapped to the Home number)
   Home Email Address
   LinkedIn URL
Activity Page
   Connects to the requisition which was selected.
     Skill (Only adds if there is a matching skill already in Cyber Recruiter).  Category is also added based on the setup of skills in Cyber Recruiter; however, this is not coming directly from LinkedIn. 
     School. If based on a code table, this will look for a match and will add the code/description based on a matching synonym. 
     Degree.  If based on a code table, this will look for a match and will add the code/description based on a matching synonym. 
     Major.  If based on a code table, this will look for a match and will add the code/description based on a matching synonym. 
     Graduation Year
   Employment History
     Start Date
     End Date
 References (based on "Recommendations")
   Creates a text version as well as a PDF version of the resume based on the information gathered from LinkedIn
   Cover Letter is created if one is on file with LinkedIn.

Item 4: JD Edwards Integration 

Integration to JD Edwards has been embedded into the main menus.  This integration does require specific programming on the part of JD Edwards before it can be used.

Item 5: Lawson Integration 

Integration to Lawson has been embedded into the main menus.  This integration is written to specific documentation provided by Lawson.

Item 6: Web Services for SageHRMS

A Web Services option has been added for SageHRMS

Enhancements (12)

Item 1: Assign Date Sorting on the Applicants page

The 'Assign Date' column on the Applicants page of the Requisition now displays the date as well as the time the applicant was connected to the requisition. This field can be sorted so a user can see exactly what order applicants applied.

Item 2:  IE10 Compatibility

Menu items upgraded to work with IE10. As of Version 8.0, if using IE10, must be run outside of Compatibility View. 

Item 3: Time Zone Defaults

Two fields have been added to aid in the scheduling of interviews.  
1) System Setup > Time Zone
2) My Preferences > Time Zone

* If nothing is selected in either location, then the system will not have a default time zone when scheduling an interview and it is the user's responsibility to select the time zone when scheduling the interview.
* If there is a value set on the My Preferences screen, the system will default of the specific user logged into the system for the time zone when scheduling the interview.  
* If there is not a value set on the My Preferences screen but there is on the System Setup page, then the system will use the value from the System Setup page as the default when scheduling interviews.

Item 4: SageHRMS replaced Abra

Due to re-branding, all the pages which previous reflected 'Abra' or 'Abra Suite' now display 'Sage HRMS'.

Item 5: Quick To-Do

The Quick To-Do page has been updated to mirror the standard 'add to-do' page so all the features are available.  In addition, this page was expanded to allow for connection to both the requisition and the applicant instead of just one.

Item 6: Educational Note

The note field from the educational records has been added to the 'Print App' report.

Item 7: Order of Tabs in Correspondence Templates

The order if the tabs under correspondence templates has changed so Standard Templates appears first, Custom Templates 2nd.

Item 8: Column Details for Attachments

When reviewing a list of data (Inbox, Req List, Search Results, etc.) the column for 'Attachments' no longer says the word attachment but instead shows the number of attachments connected to the requisition or the applicant.

Item 9: Costpoint Fields

Costpoint export now includes the Reason Code and the Job Code in the export file.

Item 10: Notes Connection

When adding a note or a task, if the primary items selected is an applicant, then the page now allows for a connection back to a requisition file.  The list is limited to the requisition which are connected to the applicant.  If the a user does not have access to the view the requisition (based on the user security setting) then the note will not be visible on the page for that user.  

If the primary items selected is a requisition, then the page now allows for a connection back to a applicant file.  The list is limited to the applicants which are connected to the requisition.

Item 11:  Option to Inactivate More Codes

The codes for the following areas can now be inactivated instead of deleting or putting an 'x' in front of the description.
  1. Req Status
  2. Req Form Types (aka Attachment Types)
  3. Req Types
  4. EEO Classes
  5. Req Cost Codes
  6. Req Note Types
  7. Why Open Codes (aka Requisition Reasons)
  8. Functional Titles

Item 12:  Change to the Notes Page

  1. Another field has been added for ‘follow-up’ task (instead of restating the note in the outstanding to-do)
  2. The ‘complete’ has been updated to provide additional details (date complete, by whom, creation of another to-do) instead of just changing the status. 
  3. Field added to track the complete date (instead of assuming today)
  4. Field added for completed by (instead of assuming user)
  5. When adding note / to-do, the system now allows connection to both (not just one)

Program Updates (35)


Item 1: Broadbean API

The field for API key has now been hidden in the Broadbean setup page because it isn't needed.

Item 2: Req Question Answers After Merging Records

When merging applicant records, all the requisitions and the requisition questions/answers are merging correctly into the selected master record.
*If the two applicant records were connected to the same position, the 'master' answers will be maintained.
*If there is a duplicate question asked in two different requisitions, the answer to the question for the additional requisitions is moved over correctly.

Item 3: Stronger connection to data for multi-database systems

Updated code so that if there are two database connected to one installation that the resumes pull correctly from the correct database.

Item 4: Login page now hidden from search engines

Code added to the default.aspx page to tell the various search engine bots to ignore public client sites as valid search results.

Item 5: Default Approver Setting

When adding an approver manually or adding it via the approver page, the default for the new approver is 'blank' instead of 'No'.

Item 6: Display of follow-up on Home Page

When adding a note with a follow-up date, the follow-up task is corrected added to the home page and the menu can be expanded to see the note.

Item 7: View of phone number in pop-up window

Which ever phone number is selected as the primary phone is now correctly displaying in the pop up when hovering over the applicant's name.

Item 8: Automatic addition of applicant to the Inbox  

System is now correctly triggering the addition of the applicant to the Inbox view based on the settings on the Action tab for the first time applicants.

Item 9: Frequency of indexing for searches

Every time a user logins, Cyber Recruiter updates the full-text index in SQL so that any new resumes are indexed and ready for searching.  This was only happening when the user logged in like normal, not if logging in via LDAP, so resumes might not be available for searching when they should be. This has been corrected.

Item 10: Ability to view the resume of a Referral

When accessing the referral information via the Applicants > Employee Referral page, clicking on either the text or the formatted resume results in the correct display of the resume.

Item 11: Merge Fields in Automatic Status Notifications

When the automatic email notification for a status change is triggered, the original status is now correctly merged into the email.

Item 12: Open Date on the Careers Portal

"Open Date" on the Search Box setup in the website configuration is now accurately pulling the Open Date from the Main page of the requisition and not the Requested Date.

Item 13: Page re-direction in the Self Service module

All the edits, cancel, save options via the Browse Open Jobs option of the Self Service module now correctly re-direct back to the original page.

Item 14: Apostrophes in user names

User Names can now have apostrophes in them and be used in the offer approval request process.

Item 15: History fields for salary changes

When changing the app/req status as part of the offer request process, the record that is written into history now correctly displays the job title of the requisition which was selected.

Item 16: Merge fields in standard Offer emails.

Functional Title {ReqFT}, Reason Open {WhyOpen}, and Referral Source {ReferralSource} now correctly merge in the offer approval and reminder emails.

Item 17: Data on the Applicants page of the Requisition

Custom columns on the Applicants page now maintain the original data instead of changing to the Applicant ID field.

Item 18: Requisition Questions in Self Service

The tab for 'Req Questions' has been removed from the setup page since it is no longer relevant. If the applicant has the ability to see his/her requisitions then he/she can see that information on the print req along with the public questions.

Item 19: SMTP Field Length

The field length for the SMTP field on the System Setup page has been increased to 50 characters.

Item 20: Message for Duplicate Job Application

Instructional box related to the applicant applying to a job multiple times in the self service module has been removed because it is no longer needed.  The system has a filter to only show jobs the person can apply to, thus preventing duplicates.

Item 21: Log-out for Agents

In the Agency Portal view, the Agent now has the ability to log out of the page when the transaction is completed.

Item 22: 'Actions Done' after copying 

When copying applicants from one requisition to another, the field for 'Actions Done' now fills in with 'No' instead of blank.  This allows the applicant to then go into the Self Service view to complete the rest of the application process.

Item 23: Updating Menus

eQuest, TalentFilter and HotJobs have been removed from the menus since these are no longer supported integration options.  If a client is still using integration to any of these partners, the pages are still there and can be accessed.  Contact the Tech Support line for instructions on how to do so.

Item 24: Actions for Closed Requisitions

Actions defined as part of the website > careers portal are confirmed to operate as follows:
  1. Open requisitions (status = O or starts with OPEN) will trigger all actions defined
  2. Hold requisitions (status = H or starts with HOLD) will trigger all actions defined
  3. Closed requisitions (status = C or starts with CLOSED) will NOT trigger defined actions (leaving the status as it was when the req was closed and no one is notified.)
  4. Anything not following the standard coding scheme above will trigger all actions defined.

Item 25: Birth date in HROffice Integration

Birth date has been updated in the file to be YYYY-MM-DD so HR Office can bring it into their system.

Item 26: SSL on careers

The SMTP Server referenced for the careers site can now have an SSL certification connection.

Item 27: Date Fields in Report Writer

RequestDate has been added to the following views and OpenDate now correctly references the OpenDate of the requisition (on the Main Page) instead of the Requested Date.

View_ ConnectorAppReq 

Item 29: CAPTCHA Setting

The CAPTCHA option (if turned on in the application template) will appear only during the first time application and not during the additional application process via the self service module.

Item 30: Sage HRMS - File Transfer Fields

Normal hours is now saving correctly on the file transfer page for Sage HRMS - in addition, the pay fields have all been verified and re-arranged for better data entry.

NOTE: The wage fields will automatically recalculate if one aspect is changed. The Hourly Rate is the controlling rate if 'Hourly' is selected in the Salaried/Hourly field. The Annual Salary is the controlling rate if 'Salaried' is selected in the Salaried/Hourly field.

Item 31: Instruction Pages in Job Browsing

The instruction pages in the job browsing section have been updated so they are all independent messages.

Item 32: Automatic Status Changes

When using filter options for Application and Requisition questions, the status will change to the 'unacceptable' status if any of the application or requisition questions are answered unacceptably.

Item 33: Parsing Engine

The parsing engine has been upgraded.

Item 34: Word 2013 Documents

Program can now open files created in Word 2013.

Item 35: Backslashes in the user ID field

Backslashes (ie: ENV\WARDENM) can now be used in the user ID field.

Item 35: Exchange Version

A new field has been added to the System Setup page to indicate which version of Exchange is being used.  

Item 36: Error Resolved

Error caused when changing an applicant status connected to requisitions which have an apostrophe in the title has been resolved.

Item 37: LinkedIn URL

A field has been added to the demographics page which will can store the URL for the LinkedIn profile. The following areas of the software have been updated.
1) Demographics Page - new field added
2) Careers Portal - field for setup
3) Correspondence Templates have a new merge fields
- Routing / Routing Reminder
- Interview / Interview Reminder
- Offer / Offer Reminder
- Status Change
4) Inbox Setup - new field added as an option
5) Preferences for Inbox - new field added as an option

Item 38: Notes "Follow-Up"

When a note is created (connected to a person or a requisition or both), the follow-up task is added to the task list. When the follow-up is complete, a record is now added to the notes page so there is a record that the follow-up was done. The note type is the same, connected to the same person, req, etc.

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