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AAP Reports

Access to AAP (Affirmative Action Plan) reports option is controlled by Group Security. Setting the option for "Can Run AAP Reports" to "Yes" will grant access to all the reports in the list. This information focuses on the sensitive Applicant data needed for reporting on Affirmative Action plans or to the EEO or OFCCP.  Highlighting a report will refresh the page and a description of the report including the fields which are captured will display at the bottom of the page. Highlight a report and press Next to move to the filter page.

Filter Options


Each filter page will be slightly different based on the report selected. However, most Applicant reports will have an element of filters based dates, Overall Status, Referral Source and Position Desired. Highlighting options or entering in dates will narrow the report results. 

Applicant Statuses and Referral Sources which are no longer options for selection are still on the lists  for reports so historical information can be reported on in the Standard Reports.  All of the codes which are no longer in use will appear on the bottom of the list under the ----Inactive--- notation.


The Advanced Criteria box, at the bottom of the page, can be used to filter based on additional items in the Applicant file. For example, if a report is needed which will include everyone who currently lives in California, the statement homestate = ‘VA’ can be added. The report will filter based on this setting in addition to anything else highlighted or entered above. 


Some reports have an additional filter which is available once the report is run. This filter will be based on the type of report – for example, the Applicant History report will allow the user to further reduce the data of the report by the history dates after the report has been run. If a report which is run has this option, additional date range will appear on the top of the page with a Preview button. Enter a range and press Preview.  

Report Format Options

By default, all reports display in an HTML format.  This means that the report will run and be previewed on the computer screen.  Remember that in this mode, the first page will be displayed but if the report is longer than one page, press the > or >| icons or type in a number to move to a specific page.  Use the < or |< to move backwards in the report.

From the preview screen, take the following steps to obtain the report in other formats.
  • Click the printer icon to print the whole report to a local printer to obtain a hard-copy of the report.
  • Use the drop-down list (Export to the selected Format) to choose program which can then be used to analyse the data further.  Press 'Export' after selecting an option.
    • Acrobat (PDF) file
    • CSV (comma delimited) - opens in spreadsheet programs (like Excel)
    • Excel 97-2003
    • Rich Text Format - opens in document publishing programs (like Word)
    • TIFF file - opens in a Photo Viewer
    • Web Archive - opens in a browser
    • XPS Document - opens in XPS Viewer


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