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Request an Offer

Page Location: Applicant File > Activity > Offers

Based on Group Security settings, users can add, edit or delete offers. 

The last tab (Offers) stores all the offer activity as it relates to the applicant. Each record added to this page is totalled as the "Offers" when running the Requisition Activity report. So, if an applicant had more than one offer recorded for a position the numbers will be increased accordingly on the Requisition Activity report.

All jobs will show on this page regardless of security access to see the details. If the User Security prevents viewing of a job, the job will not be a hyperlink to access the details and the status will not be accessible for changing.  

If the security access for this page in Group Security is set to "Owned Only" the user will not be able to see details of an offer unless he/she entered the offer or is an approver on the offer.

Column Value 
Date Requested Date that the offer was submitted. This field will automatically populate. 
Requisition Requisition for the offer.  If a user cannot access a the requisition, it will be displayed for information only.  If the user has access to see the requisition, it will be a hyperlink and upon clicking the link the user will be redirected to the requisition file.
Start Date Starting Date of employment for this offer.
Status Current status of the offer as it moves through the approval process.  The column will say "Pending", "Approved", "Disapproved"
Offer Letter

Links in this section allow the user to create an offer letter and to email it out. 


The link will be "Create" until an offer is created. Then it will display "Change" and there will be an option to "Email".
Security on the Offer page in Group Security must be set to "Update" or "Owned Only" for this option to show.

Request an Offer

Users must have "Add Only", "Owned Only" or "Update" access to this page to perform this function. Above the table of Offers, click the "Add New Record" link to start the process.

This page is divided into three sections. 
  1. Standard Offer Question
  2. Custom Offer Questions
  3. Approvals
Start the request process on the Request Details tab.

Field Purpose 
Requisition Select the requisition for which this offer is being made.  Only the requisitions which are connected to this applicant will be available for selection.
Change Status To If the status of this person for this requisition should be changed, select the new status from the drop-down list. If this is left blank the status will not be updated.
Offer Expires Enter the date which this offer expires. This date controls approval/denial process in the offer emails.  The links in the emails will expire 24 hours after this date.  If the date is blank, the offer email  expires 24 hours after the creation. The approval process can then be restarted to generate new links. 
Start Date Enter the date this applicant will need to start this position.  This can be used as a mail merge field on the offer letter and can be included in the offer request email to communicate to the approvers.
Starting Salary Enter the numerical value in which the offer is being made.  This can be used as a mail merge field on the offer letter and can be included in the offer request email to communicate to the approvers.
Salary Frequency Select the frequency of the monetary amount entered in the Starting Salary field. Options include annually, hourly, per pay period and weekly.  

The Additional Information section is where all the custom offer questions defined in the setup will be viewed.  These are questions generally asked of the user which will then be included with the offer information for final approval.  is completed at this point.

Before pressing the  icon to move forward, click on the Approvers tab.

Based on the pre-defined approval structure, 1-5 approvers may be needed for the offer request. 

  1. Select the name of the person who should approve this offer using the drop-down list of users provided.
  2. Change the order of the approvals if needed.  By default the order will be sequential which allows for the first person selected to receive the  offer request and when he/she approves the offer then the next person will be notified. 
  3. Enter a note, if desired, which will be included in the email out to the approver.
  4. Select the email options
      1. Email First Approver.  Check this option to send an email to the first approver in addition to putting a task item on his/her home page.
      2. Email Notification to the Recruiter of the Req.  Check this if the recruiter should get an email letting him/her know that the offer was being submitted.  This is NOT the offer request so if the recruiter should get the offer request email this person should be included as one of the approvers.
      3. Email Notification to the Hiring Manager of the Req. Check this if the hiring manager should get an email letting him/her know that the offer was being submitted. This is NOT the offer request so if the recruiter should get the offer request email this person should be included as one of the approvers.

Press the  icon to submit the offer request for approval.  The page will do a double-check against the setup to determine that no required fields or approvers have been skipped.  If there is a missing value a message will appear directing the user to correct the information before submitting the request.

Upon completion, the record will be added to the Offer summary table and the status will be Pending (if there are approvers) or Approved (if there are no approvers).

Approval Process

Emails / tasks are triggered immediately.  As the request is approved, an email will be sent to the Recruiter and the Hiring Manger of the requisition (unless the user has elected to only receive the notification at the last approval or if the request is declined).  Once the final approval is obtained, the status of the offer will change to Approved.  If it is declined at any point, the status will update to Disapproved.

If an individual has not responded to the offer, a reminder email can be sent to the approver.  This email can be triggered from the Open Activities page or by editing the offer and clicking on the Reminder link on the line for the unresponsive approver.

Once the approval is complete, the dates, responses and notes can be viewed from the Approvers tab of the offer.

Restarting the Approval Process

The approval process doesn't not have to stop just because the original offer was not approved by the appropriate people.  If there are adjustments to the offer which need to be made, the user can edit the offer by pressing the icon next to the offer.  Save changes to the offer and then edit the offer again. 

This time, go to the Approvers tab and scroll down below the list of approvers.  Click on Restart Approval Process to send the updated offer information to the approval chain again. 

Capturing the Applicant Response

Once the offer has been approved, an offer letter can be generated and printed and/or email to the applicant.  Applicants can respond verbally or using the eOffer process.  If the eOffer process is used the response will be automatically updated in the details of the offer.  If the eOffer process is not used, a user can edit the offer to record the fact that the offer letter was signed, the name used on the agreement and the date it was signed.

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