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Page Location: Requisition File > Approvers

Approvals Page contains all the approvers for the requisition and the current status of the approval.

The number in the page name "Approvals (2)" displays the number of approvers connected to this requisition.

Summary View

Field/Column/Option  Purpose 
Add new Record If approvers are not considered in the Create Requisition process or need to be added, click the Add new record ink to add in the new approver.

Adding a new approver creates a history record on the History page.
    Click this icon to edit or view the current approver.
 Order Specifies when this approver will be notified of the request.  Generally this will be in sequential order (1,2,3,4, etc.) and the 2nd person will not be notified of the request until the 1st person has approved, etc.

It is possible to make two approvers have the same number.  In this case, both approvers would be notified at the same time an either approval would trigger notification to the next numbered approver.
Approver User Name for the person who will be approving the request.
Approval Date Date to which the request was responded. This will be filled in if the request is approved or declined.
Approved Will display Yes  or No
Email Reminder Click the link to trigger an email reminder to the approver.

Reminders can also be sent from the Home Page > Open Activities view.  Use this view to trigger reminders to approvers who are not all connected to the same requisition.
    Click this link to remove the approver from the requisition. 
Restart Approval Process Click this link to restart the approval process if one of the approvers declined the request. 

When the approver declines, he/she can enter a note which can give insight as to what needs to be changed in order to gain approval.  Once the change has been made, this process allows all of the approvers to review the requisition again before it is approved. 

Adding a New Approver

Field  Purpose 
Approver Select the user who should be added to the approver list.
Order Select the order of where this approver should appear in the list. 

NOTE:  If manually adding approvers to a requisition it is recommended that approvers be added in the reverse order in which they will approve the requisition.  For example, if there are 5 approvers, add the 5th first and then the 4th, etc.  Leave the box for 'Email' unchecked for ALL approvers except the 1st approver.  When the 1st approver is added, check this box to start the approval process
Email Check this box to trigger the approval email to the approver which was added.
Additional Information Enter a message that should be sent to the approver in the email. 

Editing / Viewing an Approver

A requisition can be manually approved if the user logged in has 'Update' access to this page.

Field  Purpose 
Approved If Viewing: This field will be blank if the response has not occurred, Yes if it is approved or No if not approved.

If Manually Approving: Select the option (Yes or No) from the drop-down list to record the status of the approval.
Password If the Approved field is changed enter in the password to record the change.  This will be the password of the user logged into the system, NOT the user who was tasked with the request for approval.

Note: If this field does not show it is because the option for Single Sign-On is enabled on the System Setup page.  If your organization is NOT using Single Sign-On for Cyber Recruiter, update the System Setup page to turn off this setting and to restore the password request field.
Approval Date If Viewing: This is the date the response was captured which approved or denied the request for the requisition.

If Manually Approving: Enter the date the requisition was approved.  The date will default to the current date but can be updated.
Email next approver If the status of the approval has been changed, check the box to trigger the email to the next approver in the list.
Additional Information The message originally sent to the approver will display followed by ------ and the response from the approver (if one is entered).  If the approval process was started again, another ---- will be displayed with any additional comments.  For example:

Please review this requisition and approve it by Friday if possible.
Everything looks pretty good but you have a misspelling in the job description. Change it to be 'budgeting' instead of 'budeting'. I'm denying the request so sent me the final and I'll look it over once more.
perfect - everything looks good now.
Update Additional info... Check this box to update the status for all the approvers to be the same as this change (changes all to Approved or Declined).

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