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Schedule an Interview

 The following steps will help you setting up an interview. Coordinate schedules with Interviewers and Applicant (often this is done via a phone call, preview of calendars, or email)

  1. Go to the Applicant File
  2. Go to the Activity Page > Interview Tab and add a new record
  3. Highlight the person (or people) who will interview the Applicant
  4. Enter all the interview details (date, time, time zone, requisition, etc.)
  5. Select “4d-Interview Scheduled” as the new Applicant Status for the Requisition
  6. Check to Email Recruiter or Hiring Manager if notification of status change is required.
  7. Check “Email Interviewer”
  8. Check “Request Confirmation”
  9. Check “Include Link to Interview Evaluation Form” (if using)
  10. Check to Email the Applicant
  11. Click Save Changes icon

Complete the next steps to email the applicant

  1. Select “choosing an existing correspondence EMAIL template
  2. Select the “ Interview Confirmation” Template
  3. Select the appropriate requisition if the applicant is attached to more than one position
  4. Select one interview from the list whose name will be included in the confirmation email
  5. Preview the email and highlight and/or select any attachments needed
  6. Click the Save Changes icon

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