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Record Background and Drug Test Results

The following steps will help you record results from a background check and / or drug test


  1. Go to Applicant File > Activity page> Requisitions tab
  2. If the applicant has failed any screening:
    1. Check the box(es) to select the requisition(s) to which the applicant is currently assigned (if more than one)
    2. Select the “Change Status” link to update the status for all current requisitions to an appropriate status i.e. (D-Failed Background/Drug Screen)
    3. The Hiring Manager can be notified during the status change or by entering a separate note in the applicant’s file. (Applicant File > Notes page > Add New Record)
    4. Click the save icon
  3. If the applicant has passed the screenings:
  1. Check the box to select only the requisition on which the applicant was screened
  2. Selects the “Change Status” link, to update the status for that requisition to the appropriate status i.e.(6c-Background Check Completed)
  1. Check the box to Email Hiring Manager
  2. Click the Save icon


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