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AAP Totals by EEO Class (Spreadsheet)

This report summarizes all applicants/employees in the system based on your filtering criteria. If you just need the summary (no details) of applicants who applied during a specific time and are looking to analyze the data quickly, this is a good report to run. 

Filter Options

  1. Date Range: Enter the date range for comparison against a date

Report Results

Each of the totals in the rest of the columns is based on the division first by Ethnic Origin.

  • Column 1: Code
  • Column 2: Description 
  • Column 3: Info Withheld Female
  • Column 4: Info Withheld Male 
  • Column 5: American Indian or Alaska Native Female
  • Column 6: American Indian or Alaska Native Male
  • Column 7: Asian Female
  • Column 8: Asian Male 
  • Column 9: Black or African American Female 
  • Column 10: Black or African American Male
  • Column 11: Hispanic or Latino Female
  • Column 12: Hispanic or Latino Male 
  • Column 13: Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander Female
  • Column 14: Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander Male
  • Column 15: Two or More Races Female 
  • Column 16: Two or More Races Male 
  • Column 17: White Female 
  • Column 18: White Male 
  • Column 19: All Minority Female 
  • Column 20: All Minority Male 
  • Column 21: All Minority No Gender 
  • Column 22: Info Withheld Female 
  • Column 23: Info Withheld Male

Summary is totals of columns listed above 

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