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User Guide

The following pages detail how to use features in Cyber Recruiter.  This section is ordered based on the general workflow during the recruiting process.  Cyber Recruiter is very configurable and many features can be access via multiple pages in the system.  Reference the Daily Procedure guide for even more ideas.

The General WorkFlow in Cyber Recruiter is as follows:

  1. Requisition is entered and approved
  2. Requisition is posted on the corporate website, to external job boards and/or with Agencies
  3. Applicants apply, recruiters add applicants manually, recruiters find people already in the system and/or agents submit applicants 
  4. Applicant pool is evaluated (by the manager and/or the recruiter) and the short list is routed for additional evaluation
  5. Applicants are brought in for interviews
  6. Applicant's references are checked
  7. Applicant's information is submitted for a background check
  8. Applicant is offered a position
  9. Applicant is hired and his/her information is passed over to an HRIS system.


If you are using an iPhone or iPad, press on the “…” section of the right-hand bar of the search box. This will open the selection box with all the available options. Click on the item to check-mark it. Check as many items as needed and press the “Done” button on the top of the selection box.

When all items have been selected, use the rest of the page as normal to search the data based on the criteria selected.