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On-Board an Applicant


The following steps will assist you in on-boarding an applicant into Cyber Recruiter and preparing the applicant file for moving over to your HRMS


NOTE: these processes are optional and can be turned on or off to meet your recruiting needs


  1. Go to the  Applicant File > Activity Page
  2. Click on the On-boarding tab
  3. Click “Add new record”
  4. Select the Requisition to which the applicant is being hired from the drop-down list
  5. Change the status for this requisition to the appropriate Hired Status (7a-Hired External or 7b-Hired Internal)
  6. Change Overall Status to the appropriate Hired Status (7a-Hired External or 7b-Hired Internal)
  7. Enter the Effective Date of Applicant Statuses
  8. Change the Req Status to Closed

 If this job should not be closed change status back to “Open” or another status

  1. Enter the Effective Date of the Requisition Status
  2. Check the On-boarding steps you desire to complete now.

SEND JOB CLOSE EMAILS:  Review all Applicants connected to this position and update the following if desired

  1. Check the box to Mass email the applicants who were not selected. (uncheck any applicants who should not receive the email)
  2. Check the box to Mass remove the applicants selected from ALL users’ inboxes
  3. Press Continue to update items chosen.

APPLICANTS TASKS: assign any on-boarding or applicant tasks at this time

  1. Press the Save icon
  1. Select Add a New Record to set up On-boarding tasks for the applicant.
  2. Select the  pre-defined tasks


  1. Select “Manually Add Task” from the Task drop-down.
  2. Click the Continue Button

SEND INTERNAL NEW HIRE EMAIL: Review the internal email to be sent, updating as needed for the specific applicant.

  1. Click the Continue Button
  2. Select attachments if needed
  3. Change or highlight internal recipients/users to receive the email
  4. Click Continue to send.

SEND NEW EMPLOYEE EMAIL:  Email your new hire, this could possibly be the last communication with him/her before their start date

  1. Review and update as needed
  2. Click Continue to send


  1. Review the Hired Applicant’s Demographics information on all three tabs, completing any missing information

    Note: enter a SSN before starting the move to your HRMS

  2. Click the Continue Button


If you have one of the supported HRMS interfaces the next screen to appear may prompt you to complete information necessary for the particular HRMS. Compete steps as needed and click continue or save changes.

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