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Can I create an email signature block?

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Each user can create his / her unique signature block to be used on emails and letters generated in the system. 
General Setup
1. Go to the Home page
2. Click My Preferences 
3. Click the Email tab
4. Enter the text for your signature block


NOTE: it’s easier to create the signature block on a word document and then cut and paste it in the “my preferences” email window

5. In Cyber Recruiter > Admin > Page Builder > Correspondence Templates
6. Make sure the field “Signature” or “Sender Signature” is added to the template that should display your signature.


This is a simple example of a signature. The more proficient you are with HTML, the more elaborate your signature block can be. 
Once added, test what you have created to ensure you are getting the results you want.




HTML Coding:


<span style="color: #93004a;"/>Judy Burton</span>

Success Manager

Visibility Software

<span style="color: #93004a;"/></span>

<span style="color: #93004a;"/></span>

Phone - 800-914-9594

1215 Friend Street Newberry SC 29108

<img alt="" src=""/>