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Posting to JobTarget

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This page allows a user (specified in Group Security) to push a job to JobTarget.  There are two sections to the page. 


Section 1: This is a read only summary of the information which will be sent to JobTarget. Values in the read only fields are based on the mapping established on the setup page. If something needs to be adjusted, use the fields in the requisition to make the change or change the overall mapping in the setup. 

Section 2: The grid will display which job boards were selected for posting and will be updated as the job is posted or removed from posting. 



To start the job posting process, click the Access JobTarget Marketplace button. This button triggers a wizard menu that will walk through the job board selection, job description finalization and payment process.  The link below is a recording of what to expect.  


Once the job board is selected and paid for, the grid in Cyber Recruiter will be updated with the job boards selected. 


The page will update with different buttons to take action.


Click "Post to More Jobs Sites" to launch the tool to add additional jobboards.

To remove a specific job board, click on the "Remove Post". 


If all jobs should be removed (when the job is closed, for example), click on the "Remove All" 




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