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The misc page of the report writer handles items not addressed specifically on any other tab.  

Section  Field  Purpose 
Report Details This section of the page is used to add details to the report which are not based on the data. The top section of the report will be centered on the page and include the Header, followed by the Title and then the description. 
  Title Enter a title for the report.  This will appear centered in the top section of the report and will be larger than the rest of the header.
  Description  Enter a description for the report which can be referenced later by other users.
  Header Enter a header for the report.  
  Footer As of version 8.0.00, this is not printing on any of the reports.
Security Security to the preview and design mode of the Report Writer is controlled by Group Security.  The security on the misc. page extends the security further and for the specific report
  Share With ...Everyone.  is the only option since access to the report is based on the security assigned under Group Security.
  Rights None = cannot access the report
Full Access = typical setting (user can view, make changes and save the report)
Read Only = user can make changes but has to 'Save As' in order to make the changed take effect
View Only = user cannot make changes to the fields, filters, etc.
Locked = user is able to view and modify filter values but cannot add, remove or change operator for the filters.
  Owner Stores the user ID for the person who created the report and current 'owns' the report.

If someone other than the owner accesses the report, the 'rights' established for the report are enforced.
Report Connection This section is used when creating sub-reports
  Drill-down Key Select which field in this report should be the unique key which will be referenced in another report.
Automatic Reporting This section is only displayed when a specific .exe is on the server which allows the reports to run at a set date/time.  If this section is not displayed in the system, please contact Tech Support for assistance. Additional setup may be needed on the server as well.  Read more about Scheduling Reports .
  Schedule Enter the date and time for the first time the report should run 
  Repeat Type Select how often the report should run
    Every Day
    Every Weekday
    Every Week
    Every Two Weeks
    Every Month
    Every Quarter
    Alert Hourly
    Alert Daily
  Send Email as Select how the report should be presented.  
    Link Select this option to provide a link in the email to run the report from the email. 
    Embedded  Select this option to embed the report into the email so the data can be seen without any additional action.
    PDF Select this option to provide a copy of the report which cannot be edited.
    CSV Select this option to provide the report in a worksheet based format.
    XLS (MIME)  
    Word (RTF)  
  Recipients Enter the email addresses in the space provided separated by a semi-colon ( ; ). Each of these accounts will be emailed the report based on the specifications.

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