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Branded Careers Site

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When Should I Use This Option?

  1. I'm new to Cyber Recruiter. OR...
  2. My company doesn't need a careers site with full navigation. OR...
  3. My corporate page changes frequently so we want to keep careers simple and easy to maintain. OR...
  4. My company is going through a re-branding and we aren't sure when the new look will be ready. OR...
  5. My company manages jobs for other companies or subsidiaries and we want to post them all in one location without confusing applicants.‚Äč

What Do I Need to Know?

  1. Each browser can read a web page differently and display the same content slightly different.
  2. Once the page is created, Visibility Software does not send updates to the .aspx pages OR the .css pages.  If new attributes or styles are added and available, these are manually entered based on the available release notes. 
  3. The page is designed to contain two images.  One for the header and one in the footer.  Neither is required but we do recommend putting a logo in the header so applicants know they are still on your site.  
  4. The logo in the header is a re-direct image which will go back to your corporate page. 
  5. You can use this page long term or, if desired, replace it with a careers site which has navigation mirroring your corporate site after obtaining a template. 
  6. The default background color is white, the font style is Helvetica, the font color is black and the font size is updated based on the usage on the page. All of these are page aspects which are easily changed to better match your corporate site, if desired.

What Do I Need to Do?

Locate the following items which will be used in this process.

  1. Logo and/or header banner.  The file can be a png or jpg file.  The instructions below reference a png file but the file type can be changed when embedding the image.
  2. Footer image, if desired. The instructions below reference a png file but the file type can be changed when embedding the image.
  3. URL to use as a re-direct to your site.
  4. Any changes to the defaults for the background color or fonts.

Can I Do This On My Own?

This option is included with the installation of the Cyber Recruiter "careers" module.  Upon installation the logo, styles and re-direct back to the corporate site can be modified in the aspx pages.  See the instillation guide for details. 


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