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Based on Group Security settings, users can add, edit or delete skills.

The Skills Tab tracks all the relevant skills an applicant has which can be evaluated in the job search.  Records can be added to this tab a few different ways. For this overview, the focus will be on the last option.  

  1. A skill can be added manually by the applicant.
  2. A skill can be automatically added via the parsing engine when the applicant uploads his/her resume.
  3. A skill can be automatically added via the Skills Catalog process. 
  4. Skills are added via the Skills page. 

Summary View

Field/Column/Option  Purpose 
Read Resume for Skills Click this link to run the Skills Catalog process which will pull skills out of the text version of the resume based on key words entered.
Delete Selected Check the box in the last column and use this button to remove one or more of the skills on the list. 
Add new Record Click this link to add a new skill to the applicant.
    Click this icon to edit or view the current skill.
  Skill Displays the name of the skill.
  Category Displays the category of the skill.
Years Displays the years the applicant has had this skill. 

NOTE: The system does not automatically calculate the years; this is a fillable field which the user or the applicant can use to notate the number of years.  This field is NOT taken into account when running any skills searches.
Note Displays the note entered into the detail section of the skill.
      Check this box to flag a skill for deletion.  Once all fields are flagged, use the 'Deleted Selected' button to remove the skills from the list.

Adding Skills

Upon pressing 'Add New Record' the page will prompt the user for a few key items.  

Field  Purpose  Required 
Skill Category Use the category to narrow down the list of skills presented for selection. This field is not a required field so the user could jump right to the 'skill' field if desired.

If there is a category associated with a skill but the category is not used as a filter to narrow the list of skills, the system will still fill in the category field with the correct value once the skill is saved.
Skill Select the skill from the list provided.  Yes
Years Enter the years the applicant has had this specific skill.  
Note Enter in any other details related to this skill.

Editing Skills

Press the   icon to review the details behind the skill.  

Field  Purpose 
Skill Skill. Cannot be updated.
Category Category.  Cannot be updated.
Years Years the applicant has had this skill This can be updated, if needed.
Note Note entered.  This can be updated if needed.

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