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Completing Tasks

Task will be assigned by a user of Cyber Recruiter to a specific applicant.  Task details will be emailed to the Applicant and the Applicant can use the Self Service module to complete the task. 

Upon logging into the Self Service module, the applicant/employee will see a "Home" page.  Any outstanding task will be listed in a grid on this page.  The table will include the Task (a brief description of what is to be done), a Go button and a Done button.

Pressing the Go button will re-direct the applicant to the page necessary for completing the task.  For example, of the task is to update references, pressing Go will take the applicant to the References page and allow him/her to update the profile page.  If the task is to upload a copy of the applicant's transcripts, the Go button would re-direct the applicant to the Attachments page to upload the data. 

After each task, the Applicant should return to the Home page.  If the task is complete, the Applicant should press the Done link.  Upon pressing the Done link, if the task is set to notify someone (a user of Cyber Recruiter, the Manager connected to the requisition, or the Recruiter connected to the requisition) the system will automatically trigger the email to the person specified. 

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