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Custom Alerts

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Custom Alerts can be created for the following sections of Cyber Recruiter. If you need assistance creating a custom alert created, please reach out to the support team.  There is a charge ($200/hr) for the time spent to create the criteria used in the custom alert. Being as specific as possible regarding the purpose and the fields needed in the email will help keep the cost down on the development time. 

  • Requisition
  • Requisition Approvals 
  • Applicant
  • Routing
  • Interviews
  • Interview Evals
  • Tasks
  • Offer Approvals
  • Employee Referral

Emails can be sent to the following people which will be a specific value in the query embedded in the alert

  • Approver - emails the approver (requisition or offer)
  • Interviewer - emails the ToSee (interviewer)
  • Applicant - emails the fullname 
  • ​Recruiter - emails the recruiter of the requisition 
  • ​Manager - emails the supervisor of the requisition
  • User Assigned In Task - emails the user assigned to the task
  • As Userid - emails the user who is emailed (for example, a manager being kept in the loop on an appliant)
  • Custom - email the email address entered in Cyber Recruiter on the setup page.


1.  Create the email which will be used as the communication piece. This will allow you to make sure you identify all the fields needed in the query.

2.  Create a query which captures exactly the information needed in the email or for the monitor.  The query can be tested using the /query.aspx page. You must be an Admin to access this page. 

3.  Create the alert by going to ​Maintenance Tools and selecting to Manually Import an Alert.  


Copy the Alert programming using the following logic:


<AlertCode>Unique Code for the Alert</AlertCode>
<Description>Name of the Alert</Description>
<Query><![CDATA[query from step 2 goes here]]></Query>
<RelatedTo>Use one of the options from above</RelatedTo>
<Email>The role of the person based on the email above</Email>
<LastUpdated>Date of the Update</LastUpdated>


Example of a standard Alert where the Overall Status equal to a certain Status and past one day:




Applicant Started Application 1 Day Ago and Hasn't Finished Yet




select applnum as seq, applnum, statusdate, (CASE WHEN PrimaryEmail='W' THEN WorkEmail ELSE Email END) as SendAddress, rtrim(lastname)+', '+rtrim(firstname) as FullName from applicant where Status like 'INCOMPLETE%' and StatusDate <= DATEADD(day,-1,getdate()) and StatusDate >= DATEADD(day,-30,getdate())










Once the alert is in place, use the 'Alerts' page to change it from Inactive to Active and map the custom email template.