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Page Location: Admin > Website > Agency Portal > Instructions

The Instructions Page allows the Administrator to define instructions for the Agent to use when submitting an Applicant.

Tab Purpose 
Login Appears on the Login screen of the Agency Portal.  Include instructions on how to log in and how to retrieve the password if it is not known.
Home Appears after the Agent logs into the system.  Include instructions on how to make a submission and what information is displayed on the page.  Depending on the setup on the Setup Page, Agency Users may or may not have a link available to them to review past submissions.
Contact Information Appears when the Agent is submitting an applicant.  The contact information is the first page of the submission process, so be sure to include any explanations on what information should be included in the submission. For example why it is important to have an accurate applicant name or email address. 
Resume Appears on the resume submission page.  This is the second page (potentially last page) of the submission process. Be sure to be specific on the type of resume which should be submitted, in what format, etc.
Note If the option to capture feedback (aka a Note) is set up on the Actions tab then this tab will appear for an instructional message.  If the field is not set up, then this tab will not appear in the setup page and the agent will be asked no further questions.

If the "Note" is requested, type out the question which should be asked of the Agent (why is the person a good fit for the organization, what are the salary requirements, etc.)
Login Failed If the Agent attempts to log in and the system cannot verify the credentials, enter the message which should be displayed to the Agent.  This could be as simple as "try again" or it could be detailed and include instructions on how to contact someone at the company for assistance.
Thank You This will be the last page displayed to the Agent and lets him/her know that the submission has been recorded successfully.  Enter a message with instructions on what the Agent should do next (submit more people, call you in a week, you will call them, etc.)
Dup App If the duplicate checking is activated, the system will display a message to the Agent who is trying to submit the person again.  Use this message box to give the Agent instructions on what should be done (thank you for submitting this person but he/she was already submitted, call us and we'll see if the previous submission is still active, etc.)

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