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Salary Grades

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Page Location: Admin > Codes > Salary Grades

This code table stores the salary grade, grade description, pay frequency and minimum / maximum values for the grade.  The salary grade can be used independently of the pay range but generally when the grade is selected it will fill in the wage range of the requisition.   

NOTE: When new salary grade values are entered, the system DOES NOT update any wage values already assigned in the requisition.  The wage amounts will only be used for newly created requisitions or if an historical requisition is updated and a new salary grade is selected. 

Sage HRMS NOTE: If integrating directly with Sage HRMS , matching these codes to Sage HRMS or vice versa makes the integration work more seamlessly.

To use the salary grade follow these steps to make sure the field is activated and ready for use.

  1. Go to Admin > Page Builder > Requisition > Miscellaneous – enter the data label for the field as the Users should see it (turn on the Max and Min Salary fields if necessary as well).

  2. If the Salary Grade field should be entered at the time the requisition is created, then add it to the Create Req Form  process.

    • If the Salary Grade option is turned on here and the Min > Max Salary fields are being used, the values will default into these fields once the Requisition File is created.  It will NOT show on the screen during the creation process. 

  3. If the Approvers need this information to approve the requisition, add it to the Correspondence > Standard Template > Requisition Approval Email .

  4. If anyone who prints out the requisition form should see this information, add it to the Print Req Form  option.

  5. If User Groups should see salary information, Admin > Security > Group > Requisition Tab > Salary field – view > update.

  6. Lastly, If Applicants should see information with the Job Description and > or if the jobs are grouped by category:

User View: This field is located in the Requisition File > Main Page > Main Tab.
Applicant View: This field is displayed with the Website > Job Browsing or Job Description Pages when selected.

Import Code Key: SG

.csv file should contain Code, Description, Minimum Wage, Maximum Wage, & Per in that order. 

        When importing in the "Per" field one of the following codes must be used:

NOTE: after these values are imported a query must be run to calculate the Midpoint value. Use this SQL statement in the Query Box on the query.aspx page to calculate:

                    update codetables set n3=(isnull(n1,0)+isnull(n2,0))/2 where wtable='SG'

Creating Salary Grades:

Important Considerations:  Cyber Recruiter codes cannot contain certain symbols such as commas, quotes, periods, apostrophes or ampersands and the user will get an error message when trying to enter or import codes containing them. There are also certain character combinations that must be avoided because Cyber Recruiter is programmed to strip them (even if they are in the middle of a code or description) as they can be used by others to reference potentially dangerous procedures or scripts that could cause harm to your Cyber Recruiter system. These combinations include: SP_ or sp_ and XP_ or xp_. Also a double dash will be converted to a single dash. Additionally, because these codes can be used to create the requisition code, do not use spaces or colons in the code. There are a few other combinations not listed here that could be stripped, but it is extremely unlikely that they would be used in codes or descriptions.

After clicking to add a new code, enter in the necessary information to create a new code.  Use the example above as a guide when creating the codes.

Field  Purpose 
Code Unique Identifier for the drop-down option.  This code is written in the raw data and is referenced to determine the description to show on the screen.  If the code is removed from the Admin > Codes section, this value will still be in the Requisition file for reporting purposes.
When importing data for Requisition use this value in the import spreadsheets.
Description This is what is displayed on the screen for viewing and selecting. 
Minimum Enter the base of this range.  This will populate to the "From Salary" of the requisition file.
Maximum Enter the maximum of this range.  This will populate the "To Salary" of the requisition file.
Midpoint The system will automatically calculate the midpoint but the field can be overwritten.  This will populate to a read-only field on the requisition called "Midpoint"
Per Select the frequency of the rate.

Inactivating Salary Grades:

Salary Grades can be inactivated.  When the code is inactivated it will no longer be an option to select when updating the system. Inactive codes in search lists and reports inside Cyber Recruiter will be segmented so all active codes appear first and then inactive codes appear under a header ---Inactive---

To inactivate a code, edit the code and checkmark the option for 'Inactive'.