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How Do I Set Up the Indeed Feed

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Step 1: Review your system to make sure you have the optimal setup for Indeed.

  1. Make sure your job codes do not have any colons or spaces.  If it does...
    1. Update the requisition code creation to remove the semi-colon from the auto-assigned code. 
    2. If the code creation is leveraging a misc field, organizational code, etc. also make sure that the codes being used do not create space.  This could mean inactivating some codes and adding in new codes for usage.
    3. Using the Req List, update any active jobs to change the code to adhere to the necessary format.
  2. Review your jobs to identify location fields. 
    1. If you are in only one location, you can set up a default location for the system which can be used to post City, State, Country and Zip Code. 
    2. If you are in multiple locations you will need separate fields in the requisition to identify the City, State, Country and Zip Code.  If these are already part of the requisition, as separate fields, those fields can be used in the mapping.  If the values are currently combined (for example, one field that says "Denver, Colorado"), we recommend activating the location fields in the requisition and using these going forward.  
  3. Review your job titles
    1. Remove references to bonuses or locations
  4. Contact your representative at Indeed to let them know you will be sending jobs via the ATS feed.


Setup 2: Contact our support team to assist with the setup in Cyber Recruiter and on the server.  This Help Central page (Indeed) will walk you through the changes needed in the system and on the server.  Involve our team so that as you upload the jobs we can verify they are received and in an acceptable format. 


Resources for Troubleshooting Integration


1. Search Quality has published content related to how Indeed Search Quality works here

2. If you are not already working with Indeed, you can work directly with Indeed to Sponsor Jobs and get guidance on how to improve job content. Use this contact form to contact Indeed about Sponsored Jobs.

3. If you are already working with Indeed, engage your Client Success contact who can assist in optimizing job content for potential visibility.

4. General Contact Indeed instructions here

5. Overview of the Sponsored Jobs Integration here

6. Sponsored Jobs Help Center here.

7. My Job is not showing up on Indeed resource here.