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This setup page allows the Administrator of Cyber Recruiter to set up mapping rules for ZipRecruiter and to see history of posting activity. This feature is available under a subscription basis. For more information, contact Visibility Software's support line at 800-914-9594 x 2.



Setup Tab  Field Purpose
  License Code
Visibility Software will issue you a unique code which will verify your system and activate a specific number of postings available.
  Field MergingSpecify where the value for this information will be found. If 'ZipRecruiter' page is selected, the user will be allowed to type in the value for the information.  If any other value is selected, the information will merge into the posting to ZipRecruiter.
 Company Name 
 Postal Code
  Job Description  Use the table to create the job description to include with ZipRecruiter.  The sections defined will be used, in the order specified to complete the job description. 
 History Tab Purpose
  Use this tab to track the date, position and person who posted each position.

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