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Can I add emails from Outlook



There is an external program which allows a user to add emails into Cyber Recruiter which were received via Outlook. Emails will be added to the Notes page of the applicant file. This integration is not available for older versions of Outlook.  The user must be on at least Outlook 2010 and will need to be installed for each computer / user who would like to utilize this feature. 


If this feature has been installed in Outlook, when an email is highlighted in Outlook a Cyber Recruiter Import button on the 'Add-Ins' tab will be present.  Press the Add to Cyber Recruiter button to import the email into Cyber Recruiter.  

This tool will try to find an applicant with this email address in the Home Email or Work Email fields and if it finds one create a note record for that person.  If an email address is not found, the record will not be added. If there are two records with the same email address, the record will be added to the first person found (oldest record in the system).

If the email is highlighted in the summary view and the user clicks "Import", the tool will import in the entire email. Portions of text inside the email can also be highlighted and when "Import" is clicked it will just import the highlighted section, not the whole thing (signatures, etc.).

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