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Reference Details

Page Location: Applicant File > References > Reference Detail

Report Results

  • Header / Reference Information 
    • Applicant's Name
    • Name = Name of the Reference
    • Relationship = Relationship of this person to the applicant
    • Employer = Employer for the reference
    • Job Title = Job Title of the reference
    • Years = Years the applicant has known this person
    • Phone 1 = Primary phone number of the reference
    • Phone 2 = Secondary phone number of the reference
    • Address 1 = Typically street address of the reference
    • Address 2 = Typically the city, state, zip of the reference
    • Email = Email address for the reference
  • Header / Verification Details
    • Verified = Y or N depending on the status of the verification
    • Verified By = If the reference has been verified, then the name of the user who did the verification will be displayed
    • Date Contacted = Date the reference was contacted and verified.
    • Note
  • Details
    • Questions and corresponding answers

Report Format Options

By default, all reports display in an HTML format.  This means that the report will run and be previewed on the computer screen.  Remember that in this mode, the first page will be displayed but if the report is longer than one page, press the > or >| icons or type in a number to move to a specific page.  Use the < or |< to move backwards in the report.

From the preview screen, take the following steps to obtain the report in other formats.
  • Click the printer icon to print the whole report to a local printer to obtain a hard-copy of the report.
  • Use the drop-down list (Export to the selected Format) to choose program which can then be used to analyze the data further.  Press 'Export' after selecting an option.
    • Acrobat (PDF) file
    • CSV (comma delimited) - opens in spreadsheet programs (like Excel)
    • Excel 97-2003
    • Rich Text Format - opens in document publishing programs (like Word)
    • TIFF file - opens in a Photo Viewer
    • Web Archive - opens in a browser
    • XPS Document - opens in XPS Viewer

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