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Online Application

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Page Location: Admin > Website > Career Portal
Tab: Online Application

The Online Application Tab allows the Administrator to configure the online application(s) for the Applicants to fill out when applying.
This page allows the Administrator to develop online applications. The Online Application Tab has a dependency relationship with the Self Service Tab. The Career Portal allows the Administrator to select the order of the pages using the Wizard Page fields as well as put some requirements to the page itself (Example – how many educational experiences are required, is the resume required, etc…). However, the Self Service Tab is where the Administrator configures what fields will be displayed.

Application Templates

Various application templates can be developed here and then applied to each requisition as needed. For example – if some positions require security clearance information and some do not; the Administrator can make an application for those types of positions and use the default application for all others. To create a template, click on the New link on the Template field line.
Give the Template a name that will easily identity it and click Save Changes when done.

Once the template is created, select it in the Template field from the drop-down list. The page will refresh so that the Administrator can create the application and > or maintain it as needed. Click Save Changes when done. After all necessary application templates are created in the Careers Portal; the Administrator can select the appropriate template to use in the Requisition File > Main Page in the Template field.

There are many pages to select and use in the online application. With each page, there is a chance to edit the instructions and set certain requirements depending on the page.   This process is used when applying for all jobs within the system (via Careers or Self Service).

The two pages listed below MUST be part of the online application process.


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