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Importing Code Tables

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Page Location: Admin > Processes > Import Code Tables

The Import Code Tables page provides the tool to import an ASCII text file of codes into any of the Cyber Recruiter code tables.  Generally the process  is used if the list of codes (departments for example) is more than 10 codes OR the data is already in a format which can easily be exported so the data can remain consistent (meaning, less change of a data entry error). This process is not a required process when setting up Cyber Recruiter, but is available to help speed up data entry.  If this process is not used, the codes can be manually entered via the specific code table under Admin > Codes.

Developing the Spreadsheet

Each code table must be imported individually; so there will most likely be multiple files created for this process.

The file can be generated by exporting data out of other systems or manually created in Excel BUT it must be saved with a file extension of .csv (Comma Delimited File) for importing.  Each column of information in the import file must be cleaned of any extra commas (for example, a description of "Manager, Operations" isn't acceptable) because the additional comma will signal a new column when the file is imported.

Typically there will be two columns (1) Code and (2) Description.  There are a few codes (Salary Grades for example) which allow for the importing of supporting data as well.  Details on the import option as well as the unique key needed (if the code table is not listed in the drop-down) are included in the details of each of the codes under Setup > Drop-Down Values (Codes). 

Import the File

  1. Use the 'Select' button to find the file.  Once the file is selected, the path to the file will appear in the white banner. 
  2. Use the drop-down list to find the code table where the codes should be placed.  If the code table isn't in the list, select 'Other (Enter at Right)'.
    1. Enter the unique identifier for the code table where the codes should be placed.  If this is not known, look up the code in Help Central and scroll to the section on importing codes.  The unique ID for each table is listed in this section.