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Manually Add an Applicant/W Parsing Tool


The following steps will instruct on how to manually add an applicant to the system if you have the parsing tool.


NOTE: the security to manually add an applicant is located in Group Security


  1. Locate the applicant’s resume or text resume text
  2. Go to Applicants > Advanced Import
    1. If the resume is formatted
      1. Select > From File
      2. Browse to the formatted resume
      3. Press Process
    2. If the resume is in text format
      1. Select > From Clipboard
      2. Paste text version of resume if available
      3. Press Continue
  3. Verify parsed information is correct and enter additional information if necessary
  4. Select a requisition to assign this applicant to from the drop-down list, if applicable
  5. Select the status for this applicant (Note: This is the applicant’s overall status and will default to 1b-Applicant – Manually Added.)
  6. Enter the application date (will default to today’s date)
  7. Select the referral source
  8. Select the position desired (this is not a requisition) if applicable
  9. Select the Self-Service View the Applicant should have Normal or Wizard
  10. Save Changes


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