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Refer a Friend


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The Refer A Friend Section is unique page which will allow the viewer of the careers site to send this job description to someone else. This can be used in a couple of different ways.

  1. A general viewer to the website can look at the job description and sent it to another individual
  2. A recruiter (or HR staff member, etc.) can use this page to send a job description to a potential applicant who is not in Cyber Recruiter (for example at a Job Fair) and doesn't need to be connected to an employee for a referral.
NOTE: The information does not get written into Cyber Recruiter and this should not be used as an Employee Referral since the information does not get passed on to the HR staff.

To set up the page, first set up the details by clicking on the Refer A Friend Edit link on the Job Description Page. Then change the setting to Yes on the Job Description Page.

Setup Page

The Refer a Friend link on the job description page uses the viewer's mail service instead of sending emails via the corporate SMTP server used by the system to send standard email. This functionality prevents the careers site from being used as a SPAM launch page.


Text Box  Purpose 
Subject This will be the subject line of the email sent to the recipient.
Email Text This text box is the structure which is used for the email which will be sent to the recipient. Use the merge fields (listed below) to compose a message which will give the details of the job and entice the viewer to come back to the site to apply. 

This information will auto-fill into the email of the viewer and can then be modified to include additional information, if desired. 
  Current Date Displays the date the email is sent out.
  Current Time Displays the time the email is sent out.
  Company Name Displays the Company Name stored on the Admin > System Setup page
  Requisition Referred For (Code) Displays the unique code of the requisition
  Requisition Referred For (Description) Displays the job title of the requisition.
  Public Job Page This field will merge a link into the email directing the recipient back to the job description page.  You must be using the Apply URL to make this feature operate correctly. 
  Supervisor of Requisition (Full Name) Displays the "Hiring Manager" field from the General tab of the Main page.
  Recruiter of Requisition (Full Name) Displays the "Recruiter" field from the General tab of the Main page.
  Organizational Level (1- 5) Displays any one of the organizational levels defined on the Job Info tab of the Main page.
  Miscellaneous (1 - 20) Displays any one of the miscellaneous fields defined on the Misc. tab of the Main page.


Sample Wording:


I think you might be interested in a job with this organization.  You can review the full job description at this URL: {PublicJobPage}. The job was opened on {CurDate}.  The supervisor is {Supervisor} and the recruiter is listed as {Recruiter}.  It is with the {ReqOrg1} department in {ReqOrg2}.