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Posting to CareerBuilder

Page Locations:
Requisition File > CareerBuilder
Requisition > Job Boards > CareerBuilder

Job Code and Job Title will populate with the Req Code and Job Title fields shown on the header bar and listed on the Main page of the requisition file. The Job Description pulls information from the Job Description page based the set up.

Preparing the Requisition for Posting

Step 1: Complete Requisition Specific Information

Navigation to the "CareerBuilder" page using the drop-down inside the requisition file.  The fields which can be sent to CareerBuilder, which Cyber Recruiter doesn’t already track, display on this page. The drop-down options are populated under Admin > Codes > Job Boards > CareerBuilder . Use this page to complete the posting information and press the  icon to save the information before continuing. 

Note: If the setup screen is referencing something on the Main page it does not need to be entered here as well and will appear as a non-editable field on the screen.

Step 2: Include Requisition in the Upload File

Once the information has been complete on the page, press the link on the bottom of the page to include this job with the next upload. When the job should no longer be included, come back to this page and press the link again.

Sending Requisitions

To submit a file to a job board, select Requisitions > Job Boards > CareerBuilder. All requisitions to be posted at any given time must be sent in the file.

Step 1: Select the Correct Account

If more than one account is set in the Admin section, select the account for which the current posting should pull. Otherwise, press the next button to pull everything for the single account in Cyber Recruiter.

Step 2: Verify Posting

Correct Errors
Cyber Recruiter will verify that all of the required fields for the job board have been entered prior to creating the job posting. If there are errors or missing pieces a grid will appear with the Requisition and field that needs to be completed. The (PRINT) link will print the error report for easier correction. Please return to the appropriate Requisition file to fill in the missing information.

Reviewing HTML Code

A copy of the HTML code which is submitted to the Job Board is displayed for review. Please review this for accuracy related to the fields which should be sent, job description information, etc.

Verify the Jobs Included
At the bottom of the page is a list of jobs which are included in the file. Review the listing prior to pressing the Submit button to ensure all jobs which should currently be posted with this job board are included with the file. If adjustments need to be made, go back to the individual requisition and add or remove the jobs using the hyperlink on the page.

Submit the File
If the error log indicates all requisitions are correct, click the ‘Submit’ button to send the file to the Job Board. An email is sent to CareerBuilder and the file is then verified and posted.

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