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Routing-Applicant File

Page Location: Applicant File > Activity > Routing

The Routings Tab holds all the routing activity as it relates to the users for the applicant. Each record added to this page is totalled as the "Routings" when running the Requisition Activity report.  So, if an applicant had more than one routing or the information was sent to more than one person the numbers will be increased accordingly on the Requisition Activity report. 

The goal of this process is to gather feedback from evaluators which will dictate the next step in the process. 

Adding Routings

Routings Tab is used to sent out evaluation requests and to track information being returned.

Adding a new routing record adds details on the Home Page > Actions Items and can send an emails to the evaluator.

When adding a record be sure to review all fields pressing the disk icon to save the page and trigger any emails.
Field  Purpose 
Route To Highlight the people who should evaluate this applicant. 
A separate "routing" record will be added to the routings page for each person highlighted.
Route Date Enter the date of the request.  This will default to the current date but can be changed. 
Change Status To Select an option from the drop-down to change the status of this applicant related to the requisition selected.
Requisition Select the requisition for which this routing is being requested.
The requisition MUST be on the Assigned Reqs tab to be selected for evaluation.

: After selecting the requisition, check the box "Route to supervisor of this requisition" to automatically select the manager as a person to "Route To".  The name does not also need to be highlighted in the list.
Note Enter a note which will be send to all the evaluators selected in the "Route To" field.

Right-click on the note section and the system will bring up a list of applicant note templates which can be used to pre-fill the note.  
Email Check-mark this option to send to the evaluation request via an email.
Allow response Check-mark this option to include the list of valid responses in the email AND record an action on the Home Page so the recipient has a list of open items.
Email response back to sender Check-mark this option to ensure the system sends an email with the response of the evaluator back to the sender when a response is recorded via Email or from the Home Page.
Update applicant's req status Check-mark this option to update the status of the applicant connected to the requisition for which this evaluation is being performed.
NOTE: This option is only available when sending a routing to ONE (1) recipient at a time in order to prevent each recipient from overwriting the previous user’s response.
Add to Inbox(es) Check-mark this option to add this applicant's record to the Inbox view for the intended evaluators.
Attachments to include in email This section will ONLY show if the applicant has attachments listed on the attachments page of his/her profile.  Highlight any additional documents which should be included from the file with the routing request.  

Editing Routings

From the routing summary tab, the pencil icon allows a user to edit a routing record.  Routing details can be changed but the information cannot be re-sent to the evaluator with the updated information. 

The edit mode also allows a user manually to enter in the feedback.  This is handy if the evaluator does not have access to Cyber Recruiter or if someone in the Human Resources department is responsible for this stage of the recruiting process.  Only users with the proper security level have the ability to edit information.

Routing Summary View

The routing summary provides a quick glance of information regarding the evaluation process.  All routings are seen on the summary page regardless of security access.  However, depending on the level of security assign, a routing record may be restricted from editing or reviewing the detail.

The printer icon on the top of the page prints a summary report of all information related to the Activity page, not just the Routing records.

Column  Purpose 
Routed To Records the of the user who will be involved in the evaluation.
Route Date
Response Date  
Two dates will appear in this column.  The top date records when the routing was sent out.  The bottom date will appear when a response is recorded.
Req Requisition selected and connected to this routing. 
Response Displays the status selected by the evaluator.  This column will be completed when the evaluator responds and will capture the response regardless of if the status is also being updated. 
Email Reminder Click this link to send a reminder email to the evaluator for an outstanding request.
Emailed This column displays a record of if the request was emailed or not.
Inbox This column displays a record of if the applicant was added to the user's inbox.
   X Pressing the "X" will remove the record from the system.

Email Reminders

Email reminders with the routing details can be manually triggered from the system.  Click the link in the line which includes the evaluator to remind and press the "Email Reminders" button; more than one record can be selected at a time. The email will immediately be sent out.

Emails to more than one user for more than one applicant can be triggered from the Open Activities page.

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