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Report Writer

This feature is not available in the Express level of the product.

Backing Up Reports

On the server where Cyber Recruiter is installed, any reports created using the Report Writer tool will be stored into the /Reporting folder. Each category added by the user will be a sub folder in this main folder. Because these reports are unique to your organization and cannot be recovered by re-installing the software or downloading an update, please ensure this folder is being backed up on a regular basis for data recovery purposes.

Setting Security

Security access to the Report Writer tool is set under the Group level of Security. The Report Writer tab controls access to and settings available when using the Report Writer.

Item  Purpose 
View Reports Setting this option to "Yes" allows the user to access the Report Writer from the Reports menu item and view any report from the list. User will also be able to enter in additional filters when viewing the report.
Design Reports Setting this option to "Yes" allows the user to have the same access available in View Reports and the user can access the Designer button to create and modify reports.
Delete Reports Setting this option to "Yes" allows the user to delete reports from the Report List. 
Report Categories  Each report is saved into a category. Highlighting or excluding a category will ensure the user only sees reports in that category.
Dashboards Dashboards are consolidation of pieces of reports.  Up to 11 reports can be grouped together for quick viewing.  Multiple dashboards can be created and each is uniquely named.  Highlighting or excluding a dashboard will ensure a user sees only the dashboard designated by the administrator of Cyber Recruiter.

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