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CareerBuilder codes will be available to a user when with the CareerBuilder job board has been enabled and the user selected to have access as detailed in Admin > Job Boards > CareerBuilder.  

The CareerBuilder specific code tables are listed below. The codes in these tables except the Companies are CareerBuilder specific and should be verified with CareerBuilder before submitting jobs.  The Companies code(s) will be unique to each organization.

User View: When the user completes the CareerBuilder page in the requisition file these codes are used.

Codes may be imported using the import keys listed below:

Table Name Import Key
Companies CBCOMP
Country CBCY
Employee Type CBEETYPE
Industry Code CBIND
Job Type CBJT

.csv file should contain Code & Description in that order

Creating CareerBuilder Codes

After clicking "Add new record." enter in the necessary information to create a new code.

Due to the extent of the possible codes used in each category, frequency of change and available through CareerBuilder, the full listing of codes is not included with this document. Please contact directly with CareerBuilder related to this lists. 

It is recommended that ONLY the codes which are relevant to your organization be added as options.  For that reason, codes are not pre-defined in Cyber Recruiter.

Inactivating CareerBuilder Codes

At this time CareerBuilder codes cannot be inactivated.

NOTE: If a code cannot be inactivated, it is not recommended to delete the code as this could cause "holes" in your data. Instead, consider adding a "z" to the beginning of the Description field as this will move the code to the bottom of the list.