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Reset Passwords

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Page Location: Admin > Security > Reset Passwords

The Reset Passwords menu item of Admin > Security provides the ability to reset multiple User passwords simultaneously. It may be used after importing Users to initially send the Users a link to Cyber Recruiter where they can log in and set up their own passwords. (NOTE: if Single Sign-On is enabled, this is not recommended.)

 Field  Description
 Users This list contains all Users in the system. Select the user(s) for whom the password must be changed. To select multiple users hold down the Ctrl key to select random users or the Shift key to select all or sequential users.
 Email password
 to all selected users
The checkbox will notify all selected Users through email to change their passwords. Cyber Recruiter uses a random 6-digit password, so the only way to know the password is is through the email.
User View: The User receives an email if her/his name is selected from the list.
 Make users change  
 their password the next  time they log in
This checkbox will force Users to change their passwords the next time they login into Cyber Recruiter.
User View: When the User logs in to Cyber Recruiter she/he will be prompted to change her/his password.

NOTE: To quickly change passwords and prevent a group of users from gaining access to the software, highlight the users and select to change the password but DO NOT email the users.  Then, if the organization needs to disable an account long-term go to Admin > Security > Users and check the Account disabled checkbox on the General tab.