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Applicant - Reference Questions

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Page Location: Admin > Page Builder > Applicant > Reference Quesions


If a significant change to a question needs to be made, instead of changing the wording in Page Builder, make a new question with the new wording and options. Changing the wording in Page Builder will change the wording throughout the system, even on applicants who have references based on the previously worded questions.  Then, edit the question and put an indicator (*, old, change the group) so users know now not to use this question for new reference checks.  This will save the question and answers for historical purposes and build out a new question. 


Reference Questions are additional questions which can be added to the Reference page of the applicant's file to provide space to capture answers to specific, consistent questions.  These question only appear on the References page in the user's view of the record and are NOT shown to the applicant.  This page of Page Builder is broken up into two sections: Specific Questions & Groups.


(the bottom section) are used to help organize the questions. Once a group is created, it can then be assigned to a specific question.  Questions are ordered on the page first by the group assigned and then by the order number assigned to the question.  The group name will only appear on the Reference page in the Applicant's file.  It does not show on the printable report or in the Applicant's view. 

This option is completely custom and each company may decide to group questions different.  There is not a limit to the number of groups which can be created.  Two examples are listed below on how this section can be grouped:

Example 1:
Administrative Positions
Management Positions
Security Positions

Example 2: 
General Questions
Work Performance Questions

To add a group, click the 'Add new record' link on the top left of the grid for the Groups.  Each group must have a unique identifier (aka code) and a description. 

Specific Questions

(the top section) are the individual questions which will be connected to the Applicant's record. Creating a specific question will add the question to the Applicant's References page so an answer to the question can be tracked.  These are not questions which are posted publicly to be completed by the Applicant. The summary grid gives some general information about the specific question. The grid can be sorted by a specific column by clicking on the field name.

Summary View

Field  Purpose 
  The pencil icon allows the user to edit the question details.  
Question Displays the question.
Group Displays the group connected to the question.  This is the first sorting level.  All questions will be organized first by this group (alpha-numeric sorting) and they by the order number assigned.
Type Displays the type of answer tracked (Short Text, Long Text, Drop-Down).
Order Within each group, this is the order the question will appear on the page. 
  The X icon allows the user to remove the question from the system.  

NOTE: Pressing the X icon will remove the question from the set-up page as well as from the Applicant record.  So, all the information connected to this question will be lost.  It is recommended that a question not be deleted but rather it be hidden (edit the question to see this option) so the data can remain attached to the Applicant's file. (The hidden option is currently not working in version 9.x and 10.x)

Detail View

If a new question needs to be added, press the 'Add new record' link above the summary grid.  If a question needs to be edited, press the icon to access the details.  

Field  Purpose 
Text Box Type in the text which should be displayed to the user or the applicant.  This box is designed for text but HTML keys can be embedded into the text and the web pages can translate the formatting (bold, italics, colors, etc.)
Order Enter the order of this question for display purposes.  Remembering that the order will relate to the question within the group assigned.
Group Select the group (set up previously) to which this group pertains.  
Answer Type Select the type of answer which should be entered (Short Text, Long Text, Drop-Down).
If Drop-Down is chosen, the screen will refresh and a box will appear for the entry of the drop-down values.  Options will appear in the order entered.  Each option must be separated by a semi-colon ( ; ).   

Answer Types

This section has three types of answers which can be entered.

Short Text
Select this answer type if the answer would be less than 50 characters. For example, if the question is related to the salary of the person when working at a specific job, then the Short Text option should provide enough space to enter the value.   

Long Text
Select this answer type if the answer would be less lengthy. For example, if the questions are related to the reference providing details about job performance, working with others, handling situations, etc., then choosing the Long Text option will provide more space to capture the full answer. 

Select this answer type if the goal is to have a set answer for consistency.  For example, if the question is related to rating accuracy or attendance then it may be helpful to develop a scale or a few standard answers so that all reference forms follow the same format.

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