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Applicant Requistion Connection

Cyber Recruiter is divided into two sections - "Requisitions" and "Applicants".  Two pages in the system show the  connection between the two sides - the "Applicants" page of the requisition and the "Activity > Assigned Reqs" page of the applicants.  The information on these two pages are synced so when information is added or updated to one page the other page is also updated.

Requisitions > Applicants (x)

Applicants Page lists all the individuals assigned to the requisition by either applying to the position online and/or users manually adding them to the position.  The number in the drop-down list displays the total number of applicants connected to this position.  It may not be the same number displayed on the page depending on the Filter set or the Security settings. 

Applicant > Activity > Assigned Reqs

The Activity page represents all the work YOUR company is doing with this individual.  The numbers in the drop-down represent the number of records on each tab of this page.  The first tab stores all of the requisitions for which this applicant is connected. All jobs will show on this page regardless of security access to see the position details.  If the User Security prevents viewing of a job, the job will not be a hyperlink to access the details and the status will not be accessible for changing. 

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