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Page Location: Applicant File > Universal

Access to this page is granted via the Universal integration setup.

Before you can send applicant information to UBS, the functionality must be enabled in Cyber Recruiter Admin first. By default, UBS is not enabled.

Once the configuration setup is complete, the Applicant File > Universal Background Screening Page becomes available to those users who have access.   To start the process, press the 'Submit' button.  The an XML feed with the pre-determined information from Cyber Recruiter will be submitted to UBS under the name of the user who is making the submission (not the general contact for the company). 

Once the button is clicked, the page refreshes and the 'Date Submitted' is entered along with a 'Status'.  If the XML needs to be reviewed, right click on the submission confirmation page and select to View Source. When the report is returned the 'Status' updates and so does the 'Status Updated' field along with a link to the report in the 'Report' field.  Click the 'Report' link to see what was returned from the UBS. 

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