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Submitting New Applicants

If a new applicant should be submitted to a position, click the Submit Applicant link to start the submission process.  If the full process is activated there will be 3 pages of information and then a Thank You page.

Page  Details 
Contact Information Provide details related to the potential applicant.

The demographic fields requested are to determine if the applicant is already in the database in order to avoid conflict.  If there are no conflict the page will save and a 2nd page will be presented to submit the applicant's resume.

If additional, non-demographic questions are asked, they are asked in order to help with the first round evaluation. 
Resume Upload a copy of the applicant's resume and a text version as well.  This will ensure the applicant shows up on our future searches.
Company Question Give us some additional details about this applicant and why you think he/she is a good fit for our organization.