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Building Dashboards

Dashboards are consolidation of pieces of reports. Up to 11 reports can be grouped together for quick viewing. Multiple dashboards can be created and each is uniquely named. Once a report is created the Fields, Summary, Chart or Gauge sections of a report can be posted to a dashboard. 

From the Report List screen, click on "Create a New Dashboard" or hover over an existing dashboard to edit something which was previously created.

Option Purpose 
Report List Displays all the reports the user has access to based on security settings.  From this page, a user can open a report for editing or can create a new report or dashboard. 
New Will create a new dashboard.
Save Will save the current dashboard.  This should be done prior to pressing the Preview link.
Save As Saves the current dashboard with a new name.
  Displays the iZenda scheme.
Preview Previews the dashboard.

Mapping the Reports

Each dashboard contains 11 slots for reports and all a dashboard does is map sections of the report to a centralized view.  Use the cheat-sheet below to complete each slot.

Section  Purpose 
Title This fill-in the blank field provides a space to define a title for the section of the dashboard.  
Report Use the drop-down list to find the report which should be pulled to the dashboard.  Use the icon next to the drop-down list to quickly view the report for reference purposes. 
Records Use the drop-down to define how many records should show on the screen before a scroll-bar appears on the dashboard.
Report Part Use the drop-down list to select which section of the report should be pulled to the dashboard. 

NOTE:  If a component in a report is updated and is already being used by the Dashboard, the Dashboard must be edited and 'refreshed' in order to pull the change.  For example, if a Chart is being used and originally it was a Pie Chart but the report was updated to make it a Bar Chart, the Dashboard will still show a Pie Chart until it is also updated.

To update it, simply edit the Dashboard and change the Report Part to be something else.  Save the dashboard and then change the Report Part back to the correct component and resave the Dashboard.


When saving the dashboard it MUST be saved into the folder called Dashboards.  Saving it into another folder will now allow the dashboard to function correctly. 

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