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Deltek CGS Premier

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Page Location: Admin > Links > Pre Defined Links > Deltek GCS Premier

The process for transferring new hires from Cyber Recruiter to the GCS Premier product involves exporting the information to an ASCII Text file and importing that file into GCS Premier via its Employee Preprocessor utility. Cyber Recruiter automates this task by creating the file from within Cyber Recruiter itself.

Step 1: Set Global Defaults

Tab: General

Complete the fields on the General tab and then save the page by pressing the  icon.  After saving, log out of the system and back in as a user who has the granted security access.




Enable GCS Premier Link?


All of GCS Premier-specific pages and menu items will be added in Cyber Recruiter. 

Additional Action Needed: Highlight the Users in the Drop-Down List who should have access to the GCS Premier-specific functions in Cyber Recruiter.  Hold the CRTL key down to select more than one User.


Users will not see any references to GCS Premier in Cyber Recruiter.


Capitalize everything?


All data transferred to GCS Premier will appear in capitalized lettering. Some GCS Premier Users require this to make certain search functions work properly in GCS Premier.


All data transferred to GCS Premier will appear as it was entered in Cyber Recruiter.

Auto-Generate Employee #s


Cyber Recruiter will populate each new GCS Premier export with the next available employee number.  Additional Action Needed: Enter the last number assigned as an employee number so the system can assign then next employee number.


User exporting new hires will manually enter each applicant’s new ID number manually.

Total Employee # Length

1 – 12

Indicate the total length of the employee number (for example if it has to be exactly 6 characters)

Step 2: Verify Code Tables

Page Location:  Admin > Codes > Deltek GCS Premier

Step 2 and Step 3 can be done in reverse order.  However it is recommended that Step 2 be done prior to making a required field in Step 3 since the file cannot be saved if the required field is set and nothing is in the drop-down menu.   

Use the menu items which are not viewable (based on the last step) to define the code tables which are needed for the integration. All code tables must be populated with valid codes from the GCS Premier system. Alternatively, codes can be imported from an ASCII text file of codes directly into Cyber Recruiter’s code tables under Admin > Processes > Import Code Table. 

- Division
- Department
- OBS Number
- Employee Type
- Rate Type
- Pay Frequency
- Labor Category
- Fed Filing Status
- State Filing Status 

Step 3: Define Required Fields

Page Location: Admin > Links > Pre Defined Links > Deltek GCS Premier
Tab: Required Fields

The Required Fields Tab allows the Administrator to indicate which fields are required during the completion of the export process to GCS Premier. If a field is checked on this page and a particular applicant does not have that field populated when an export is run, that particular applicant will not be exported and an warning message will appear on the export error log indicating that the person was missing a piece of required information.

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