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Page Location: Admin > Job Boards > Monster

Setup in Cyber Recruiter

Monster's integration is written based on the specifications for an ATS. Before using this integration, an account with Monster is necessary and Monster will issue file name to be used for submission. Once the company has been established with Monster the next step is to set up the connection in Cyber Recruiter.

  1. General Tab
    1. Change the "Enabled?" field to "Yes" and highlight the names of the user who will be allowed to submit jobs to Monster.
    2. Set "Show Contact Info?" to "Yes" to post the Company Name with the posting.  Enter the additional contact information (Name, Phone, etc.) if this information should should as well; otherwise, leave those fields blank.
    3. Use the "Apply Online URL" to enter the URL scheme to pass to Monster for applicants to be re-directed back to the corporate site.  See the next section for additional details on how to use this feature.
    4. Use the "Extra Text" field to post information which should be sent with EVERY job.  
  2. Field Mappings
    1. Leave all items on this tab set to "Monster Page" UNLESS there is a field already in use inside the requisition which contains the exact information.  For example, if one of the Organizational Levels already is being used to track the state for which the job is located, select this organizational level from the drop-down list.  Instead of filling the information in on the Monster page of the requisition, the data will be pulled automatically from the information already entered for the requisition.
    2. NOTE: The information MUST match EXACTLY to what Monster is expecting.  For example, even if Job Category is field that is captured by a field in the requisition, if the codes does not match what Monster is expecting than the file will be rejected by Monster. 
    3. Press the disk icon to save changes to the security and mapping before moving forward.
  3. Job Description
    1. Use the icon to define which sections of the job description captured in Cyber Recruiter will be sent to Monster.  Available fields include all the tabs stored on the Job Description page as well as any notes entered. 
    2. When adding or editing, define the order in which the sections will be shown by using the "Order" field.
    3. Press the disk icon to save changes to the job description mapping and return to the main setup page.
  4. Accounts
    1. At least one account must be set up before submitting information to Monster.  However, if multiple accounts exist with Monster, additional accounts can be set up.  Use the icon to define which accounts should exsist in Cyber Recruiter.
    2. Name the Account (i.e. Visibility Software or Accounting Department, etc.)
    3. Enter in the following information needed to submit this file to Monster
      1. Monser FTP Host:
      2. FTP Login: ftp1
      3. FTP Password: occmember
      4. File Name: This is issued by Monster and will define the account when the file is submitted
    4. Press the disk icon to save changes to the account 

HTML Re-direct

Use the Apply Online URL to include a re-direct link back to the main careers page as part of the posting.  If this field is used, Monster will post a link on the job description which will re-direct the applicant back to the corporate site for the application process. 

If this feature is being used, 'Allow Unencrypted URL' must be set to Yes under Admin > Website > Careers > Actions tab.  This will allow for an applicant to be re-directed back to the specific job for which he/she was interested instead of having to find the job again on the main careers site.{Req}

1.– Insert your website here (For example

2. Career Page –
/Careers.aspx? – use this career page if using the out-of-box module

3. rf=MONSTER 
These are being referenced in the Referral Source Code Table so this MUST match something stored in this code table

4. ?req={Req} – Pulls Applicants back to the specific requisition they are viewing on the Job Board to complete view the Job Description on your website and to apply

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