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Security Clearances

Page Location: Applicant File > Experience > Security Clearance

Based on Group Security settings, users can add, edit or delete security clearances.

The Security Clearance Tab tracks all the relevant security clearances an applicant has which can be evaluated in the job search.  Records can be added to this tab a two ways. For this overview, the focus will be on the last option.  This information could overlap data collected using application or requisition questions but does capture a few additional pieces of information.

  1. A record can be added manually by the applicant.
  2. Records are added via the Security Clearance page. 

Summary View

Field/Column/Option  Purpose 
Delete Selected Check the box in the last column and use this button to remove one or more of the security clearances records on the list. 
Add new Record Click this link to add a new record to the applicant.
    Click this icon to edit or view the current security clearance record.
  Clearance Type Displays the type of clearance.
Agency Displays the agency where the clearance is held.
    Date Attained Displays the date the applicant received the clearance.
    Active Displays Yes or No if the clearance is still active
      Check this box to flag an employment history record for deletion.  Once all fields are flagged, use the 'Deleted Selected' button to remove the security clearance records from the list.

Adding Security Clearances

Upon pressing 'Add New Record' the page will prompt the user for a few key items.  Fields are presented below in the order they are presented if the user tabs through the page. 

Field  Purpose 
Type Select the type of clearance from the drop-down list.
Agency Select the agency where the clearance is held from the drop-down list.
Active If the clearance is still active, select Yes.  Otherwise select No.
Date Attained Enter the date the applicant attained the clearance.
Expiration Date Enter the date the clearance will expired.
Investigation Date Enter the date of the investigation.
Investigation Type Enter the type of investigation.
Note Enter any notes (phone number, contacts for verification, etc.) which are relevant for this security clearance record.

Editing Security Clearances

Press the   icon to review the details behind the security clearance record.  All the fields shown above will be available for review and editing.  If the applicant entered in the record, not all the fields may have been completed.  The applicant can only fill in the fields which are presented to him/her during the online application process.  

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