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Create Offer Letter

Page Location: Applicant File > Activity > Offers

Offer letters which pull merged information from the Offer tab MUST be created on the Offer page.  Security on the Offer page in Group Security must be set to "Update" or "Owned Only" for this option to show.  If security is set to "Owned Only" this option is only available for the requisition where the user created the offer request or is in the approval chain.

Creating Offer Letters

Once the offer is approved, click on the Create link to start the offer letter creation process.

  1. Use the drop-down list to select the offer letter template from the list of custom correspondence templates and press Continue to view the information.
  2. Edit the letter and enter in any additional details which should be included in the offer letter.
  3. Press the printer icon to print the letter and/or press the  to save the letter.  A copy of the letter will be added to the Correspondence page for historical reference.

NOTE: The link on the summary page will still show "Change".  Clicking on the link again will start the process over and a whole new offer letter will be created.

If changes should be made, they can be done on the Correspondence page and the offer can then be email from the edit view of the offer.  If this is done, the eOffer process CANNOT be used.  The eOffer process must start from the Offer page.

Emailing Offer Details

This process will pull the most recent offer letter created in the previous step OR one from the Correspondence page and attach it to the email.  This step does not need to have an offer letter.  If the offer details should be send but an offer letter has not been created this process can still be used. 

Once the offer letter is created, press the Email link to send the information out to the applicant.

  1. Indicate if the letter to attach should be the just created offer letter or a previously created letter stored on the Correspondence page. 
  2. Use the drop-down list to select the offer email template from the list of custom correspondence templates and press Continue to view the information.
  3. Edit the email (subject and/or body of the email) if needed.
  4. Verify the email address
  5. Determine which attachments should be included.
    1. Offer Letter - By default, the "filename" will be a pdf version of the offer letter.  If an offer letter has not been created, remove the file name (otherwise a blank page will be sent with the email).
    2. Standard Attachments - Use the box of Attachments to include any standard documents which need to go out to the applicant.
    3. Other Attachments - Use the bottom section, and press the Select to browse to the network or work station to find documents which are specific to this applicant.  Click on the Add button to add more spaces to attach more files.
  6. If the Offer Letter is being included, verify the margins on the offer letter.  Defaults are set with the creation of the custom letter template but can be changed on the fly before the letter is emailed out. 
    1. This section requires a number of pixels to be used for a margin.  1 inch = 72.
  7. Check the option for "Copy Me" to get a copy of this email.

Press the Send icon to finish the process.


NOTE: Something related to the offer must be in the email as a merge field.  If there is not a merge field in the email puling something from the offer then the system cannot find the object of the email and will generate an error. 


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