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ADP Setup

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Page Location: Admin > Links > Pre Defined Links > ADP
Interface by File Transfer: Cyber Recruiter will gather information and consolidate it into a file which is exported from Cyber Recruiter and will be imported into the ADP system. This process is a multiple step process which includes completing a page in Cyber Recruiter with specific information for ADP, exporting the file and then importing the file into ADP.

This process will have two pages to complete during the daily use of this interface inside Cyber Recruiter. The first page is stored in the Applicant file. The second is accessed under the Applicant menu item.

Enable ADP in Cyber Recruiter 

Once the connection information is obtained, take the following steps in the admin section to activate this interface.

Step 1: Set Global Defaults







ADP-specific page and menu items will be added in Cyber Recruiter.

Action Needed: Highlight the Users in the Drop-Down List who should have access to the ADP-specific functions in Cyber Recruiter.  Hold the CRTL key down to select more than one User.


Users will not see any references to ADP in Cyber Recruiter.

ADP Product PC/Payroll Select which product of ADP is being used.  Select 'AWN' for 'ADP Workforce Now'.  Changing this option updates the file parameters used when exporting the data. 

Employee #'s


When viewing the ADP screen in Cyber Recruiter the system will generate the next number which should be assigned to a new employee.


The user exporting the data will need to assign a number to the new employee

Last Number Used   Enter the correct value for the next employee number to use in the field ‘Last Number Used’ IF using the auto-generate feature. 

Required Fields

The Required Fields Tab allows the organization to select additional fields which should be required in the transfer. Check marking fields on this tab will generate an warning message when a file is exported which does not have these fields completed.

Step 2: Verifying Code Tables

Codes which are currently used in ADP need to be reentered into Cyber Recruiter so the user exporting the information can select the correct value. These values MUST match what is currently in ADP in order for ADP to recognize the values and successfully import the file.

All codes are stored under Admin > Codes > ADP . Company and any other fields specified on the ‘Required Fields’ tab must have values for the drop-down lists before the user will be able to export the information.

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