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Building Summary Tables

Building summary tables is all about deciding what needs to be analyzed and when the analysis needs to change. For example, if a report is needed which totals up the number of applicants who applied to each position and captures the gender and ethnic origin, the summary would 'group' on the position, gender, and ethnic origin and then count the people to produce the analysis needed.

Functions tell the report what type of analysis should be done.  Depending on the field selected, the options for the Function will change.

Function  Purpose  Available With 
Count Distinct     


This option re-sets the analysis.  More than one group can be assigned in a summary and the combination of the grouping determines when it is reset.

Example 1: If you want to know how many requisitions were opened in by each manager then the field to Group would be the Manager and the field to count would be Req Code (the most unique thing about the requisition). 

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