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Making a Referral

If the employee referral module is activated, the content below assumes that all features and fields are activated in this module; however, some settings could be changed to prevent the addition of referrals from specific pages. 

Page Changes

The employee will have some feature which are not part of the applicant's view

Job Browsing / History

The job description page will have another option if the employee referral module is activated.  After finding a job which looks to be of interest, normally there is one link on the bottom of the page : Apply for this position. If the job is open to external candidates, another link will appear : Submit Referral. Click on this link to complete the submission process.


This employee specific page allows the employee to track previously referred individuals and confirm a successful referral submission. If nothing is 
listed, that means that no applicants have been connected to the employee for the purpose of tracking referrals.  When applicants are listed, the page will contain the following information:

Column  Purpose 
Referral Displays the name of the person who was referred.
Position Displays the position(s) which have been connected to this referral during the referral process.  

Click the Add Another link below the list of positions, to refer the individual to additional positions. 
Referral Date Displays the date the person was first referred to the organization. 
Relationship Displays relationship the employee has with the person referred

Adding a Referral

Referrals can be added via the Referral page (press Add) or via the Job Description page (press Submit Referral). 


Upon taking this action, a data gathering page will display with information needed to complete the submission process.  Any field which are required will have and asterisk (*) next to the field. Complete as much of the page as possible and press the Save Changes button.

Field Note/ Clariification
First Name
Last Name
Home Phone
Work Phone  
Email This field may be required if an email is being triggered to the referral to provide additional information about the job.
Relationship Select from the list of choices how this person is know.
Note This space will change purpose depending on the goal of the organzition.  Typically it will be used to gather feedback from the employee about the referral OR to provide the employee space to write a quick not to the referral. 
Text Resume Enter a text copy of the resume (if possible) since this ensures that resume (once the person is officially an applicant) can be searched for other possible positions.
Formatted Resume Upload a copy of the resume (if possible) since this ensures  the people reviewing the referrals experience get the best view possible of this referrals information. 

Submit To Another Position

From the referrals page, click the Add Another link to find another position for which this person would be a good fit.

What Happens Next?

Upon submitting the referral, the information will be emailed to designated people for review.  In addition, the referral will get an email with the job description and an option to apply for the job. 

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