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HR Office

Step 1: Prepare the Applicant & Verify Required Fields

Once the HR Office setup is enabled, a HR Office Page in the Applicant File will appear as a page in the drop-down list. Find the Applicant and navigate to this page.

There are only two (2) fields required on this page: Company and Country. However, Employee #, Hire Date, and Employment Status, are typically required for any HR product. Fill out the fields on this page as needed and click the Save Changes button when finished. If the Company field is not filled in, Users will not be able to Save Changes.

Field Expected Action/Value Notes 
Company Select a value using the drop-down list. This field is not exported.  It is on this page for reference purposes.
Employee # Enter in the employee number which will be assigned to this individual. This field is not exported. It is on this page for reference purposes.
Hire Date Enter in the hire date.  
Job Title Select a value using the drop-down list.  
Employment Status Select a value using the drop-down list.  
Supervisor Enter in the nine-digit employee number for this supervisor.  
Division Select a value using the drop-down list.  
Department Select a value using the drop-down list.  
Location Select a value using the drop-down list.  
Country Will automatically fill in with the Country field from the Demographics upon pressing the save icon.
If an applicant does not have a Country listed on the Demographics page, a warning message will appear that this should be fixed before attempting an export.
Additional Email Enter an additional email.  
First Review Date Enter in the first review date.  

Step 2: Add Record to the Export File

Click on the link at the bottom of the page - Click here to add him/her - to add this Applicant to the export file. The red indicator will change to indicate whether the applicant is on the list of applicants to be exported. 

: Once the Applicant is on the export list, if the Applicant does not have the read-only Country field filled in, a warning message at the bottom of the page. The Country field pulls from the Applicant File > Demographics Page. Thus, Users will need to go back to the Demographics Page to fill this field in before attempting the export.

Step 3: Generate Export File

After verifying and adding the Applicant to the export file, from the main menu bar select Applicants > HR Office Export to generate the export file.
The Employee ID number is pulled from the Applicant File (Employee File) > HR Office Page > Employee # Field.

This table displays the Applicants who have been added to the export file. To add additional Applicants to the list, press the Add button and find the Individual. To remove Applicants from the list, check the box at the end of the Individual name click the Delete Selected button. Checking the checkbox in the top of the table will place checkmarks or remove check marks next to everyone’s record.

Everyone listed here will be included in the export file. The checkbox does not relate to the Export button.

Enter a file name for this file and click the Export button to create the export file. Cyber Recruiter will save the last export file created. However, this file will be overwritten each time the export process is run.

Step 4: Verify Results

The page which appears will list the results of the export.  Successfully exported applicants will have a result of "exported successfully" and ARE included in the export file.  If there are any errors which occurred during the export process, the results column will indicates that some employees are missing information, the information for those employees should be entered and another export performed.

The following is a list of the fields that are required to create new employee records within HROffice.
  1. SSN/SIN (on the demographics page, EEO tab)
  2. Last Name (on the demographics page, Demograhics tab) 
  3. First Name (on the demographics page, Demographics tab)
  4. Hire Date (on the HR Office page)

Make Corrections

Click the Print link to print a report as needed t and click the Individual name to enter the file to make the necessary changes. Re-run the export process; the export process can be run as many times as needed to obtain an error free file.

Retrieving the File

The XML file will be emailed to the user who generated it via Cyber Recruiter. Only records which were error free will be included in the file. To import the file, the user should save it to his/her hard drive or forward it to the staff member who will import it into HR Office. Click on the Return to HR Office Export Page to finish the process.

Step 5: Prepare Export List for Next Batch

To prepare the HR Office Export page for the next batch of new hires, checking the checkbox in the top of the table will place a checkmark next to the Applicant’s names. Then, press the Delete Selected button to remove them from this list.

Step 6: Import into HR Office

Using the tools available via HR Office, browse to the file generated by Cyber Recruiter. Import this file and verify the data for accuracy upon bringing the file into the system.

Data Mapping

This information has been adapted from the HR Office specifications document. The field listing below is organized by the order of fields in the export file. 

Personal Information

Cyber Recruiter Field  HR Office Field Note 
First Name  Employee's Last  
Nick Name Nick name   
Middle Name Employee's Middle   
Last Name Employee's Last  
Home Phone Telephone   
Cell Phone Mobile   
Fax Fax   
Home Email Email Address  
Home Country Country Sends the code 
Home Zip/Postal Code Postal Code 
Home State State or Province Sends the code
Home City City  
Home Address Line 1 Address  
Home Address Line 2  Address Line 2  
SSN/SIN Social Security Number or
Canadian Social Insurance Number
Citizenship   Duplicated from the Country selected
Ethnic Origin Ethnicity     Sends the description 
Marital Status Marital Status  Sends the description 
Birth Date Birth Date  Sends it as YYYY-MM-DD (as of 8.0.00)
Gender Sex  Sends '1' for Male and '2' for Female 

Job Information

Cyber Recruiter Field HR Office Field  Note 
Hire Date Hire Date   
Employment Status Employment Status  Sends the description (as of 7.2.03)
Supervisor Supervisor SSN or SIN Sends the value of the code entered and HR Office does a look-up to display the first and last name of the supervisor
Alternate Email Alt Email   
Location  Location Sends the description (as of 7.2.00)
Department Department Sends the description (as of 7.2.00)
Division Division Sends the description (as of 7.2.00)
Job Title Job Title Sends the description (as of 7.2.03)

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