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Deltek Vision

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Page Location: Admin > Links > Pre Defined Links > Deltek Vision

Interface by Dynamic Link: Cyber Recruiter and the Deltek Vision systems are connected so the hiring process is a one step process; however it does require direct connection between the two systems.

This process will have one page to complete during the daily use of this interface. The page will be under the Applicant menu item.

Establishing Connectivity

The process for transferring new hires from Cyber Recruiter to Vision using the dynamic requires knowledge of the SQL information to connect to the Vision database. Once this information is obtained, move to the setup regarding setting up the Admin section in Cyber Recruiter. 

Enable Vision in Cyber Recruiter 

Once the connection information is obtained, take the following steps in the admin section to activate this interface.

Step 1: Set Global Defaults

Page Location: Admin > Links > Pre Defined Links > Deltek Visions

Field Purpose / Notes 

Integration to Vision enabled?

Set this field to Yes to make the Vision-specific pages show in Cyber Recruiter. 
..Users Who Should Access... Highlight the names of the users who should be able to see the Vision-specific page.
SQL Server Enter the SQL Server where Deltek Vision is located
Database Name Enter the Deltek Vision database name
User ID Enter the SQL Login ID to the database
Password Enter the password for the SQL database

Press the Test Connection link to test the connection to the SQL database.  If the connection is not established, check the SQL information entered and correct it before moving on.

Press the  to save the page setting and the SQL connection information before moving to the next two tabs.

Step  2: Define Required Fields

Once the information is set on the General page, change the tab to Required Fields.  Highlight the fields on this page which should be required prior to transferring information to Vision. These fields are unique to the Vision integration and do not have the ability to be mapped from the requisition fields.  Highlighting a field on this page will ensure that the information is captured on the hire page in Cyber Recruiter prior to the record being added to Vision.

Job Title
Hours per Day
Pay Rate
Pay Type
Billing Category
TK Group
EK Group
OT Costing %
Target Ratio
Allow Change Default LC
Labor Cat 1
Labor Cat 2 
Labor Cat 3
Labor Cat 4
Labor Cat 5
Bill Rate
Bill Overtime %

Step 3: Create a Custom Mapping

The Custom Fields tab of the setup allows for mapping of Cyber Recruiter fields to Vision field.  This page will be blank until all of the SQL information has been completed AND only if there are custom fields on the Vision side.  If there are custom fields in Vision, use the page to select which Cyber Recruiter field contains the information which should be passed over to Vision.

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