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Advanced Resume Extraction

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aka Parsing or Advanced Import

Page Location: Admin > System Setup

The Advanced Import feature of Cyber Recruiter allows resumes to be imported into the system from various file formats and will bring in more information than the Basic Import of Cyber Recruiter.  The Advanced Import feature is purchased for a 12 month period and can be used via the Core system or activated to be used via the Careers website or the Agency Portal. 

Activate the Tool

Before Users can begin importing resumes using the Advanced Import feature, the functionality must first be enabled in Cyber Recruiter.  The code is added under System Setup and the access to the tool is controlled via Group Security.

Activating for Careers Site Use

Before Applicants can use this feature via the online application, the functionality must first be enabled in Online Application setup.  Go to Admin > Website > Careers > Online Application and press the pencil icon link next to Contact Information.

Change the ‘Parse from resume?’ drop-down from No to Yes to turn on the feature for the website. The pencil icon will take the Admin to a page to enter instructions will post out to applicant when using this feature.

Upon selecting a job to apply for via the website, applicants will be prompted to upload a copy of the resume which will then create a profile and text resume for the applicant in addition to reading the resume for education, employment history and skills.

NOTE: It is recommended that companies using this feature make skills, previous employment and education part of the online application process to applicants can review the information for accuracy and make any necessary adjustments or clarifications.  It is also necessary to make these pages have ‘Update’ access for the Applicants so they are able to make adjustments.

Activating for Agency Portal Use

Before Agents can use this feature via when submitting applicants, the functionality must first be enabled in the Agency Portal setup.  Go to Admin > Website > Agency Portal > Setup and change the option for Advanced Import from No to Yes

Upon submitting an applicant to a job via the website, Agent will be prompted to upload a copy of the resume which will then create a profile and text resume for the applicant in addition to reading the resume for education, employment history and skills.

Using Advanced Import

There are three ways to use the Advanced Import option, (1) via the website by the Applicant, described above (2) via the core system using the Applicant > Advanced Import menu item and (3) via a bulk import.

Manual Imports

Advanced Import works like the basic import feature in Cyber Recruiter.  Users can bring in resumes from documents (from file) or from text (from clipboard).  If files are uploaded that cannot be read by Cyber Recruiter, the text format of the resume and the information parsed will be stored in Cyber Recruiter but the formatted resume will not be viewable. 

Step 1 – Determine Type of Resume

From File:  Use this option if the resume is in a formatted version (Word, PDF, etc.).  Find the file on the computer hard drive or network drive using the button to find the file (may say Browse or Select depending on the browser used. Remember that if the file type cannot be read by Cyber Recruiter (Word Perfect for example) the formatted resume will not be viewable from within Cyber Recruiter.

From Clipboard:  Use the option if the resume if the text of the resume was copied into the Clipboard of the computer.  In the text box, press Ctrl V to paste the text of the resume.  

Step 2 – Process the Resume

Press the Process button to bring the resume into Cyber Recruiter and have it read for Demographics, Education, Previous Employment, Skills, etc.

Step 3 – Verify Information

Once the file is imported, review the information for accuracy and make any changes that are needed.

Step 4 – Enter Cyber Recruiter Information

Field Purpose
Requisition Attach this applicant to a requisition in the system
Status Give the applicant a status for the system. (Used in reporting and to find the applicant later)
Application Date Enter the date the applicant send in his/her resume or the date he/she was entered into the system. (Used in reporting and to find the applicant later)
Self Service Which view of the Self Service module should this applicant see?  Select Normal if the applicant should be allowed to access this portal and navigate to any page.  Select Wizard if the applicant should be directed through the pre-defined Online Application process. 

NOTE: DO NOT select Wizard and then start working with the applicant. If you begin to route the applicant or move the applicant through the evaluation process when he/she completes the Online Application any triggers defined on the Action tab of the Careers setup will take place (automatic routings, changes to the applicant’s status, etc.)
Referral Source Identify where this applicant was found or where the applicant found out about the organization / job. 
Position Desired Identify what type of position this applicant is interested in.  This is NOT a requisition inside the system but is the type of position the applicant is interested in. (used for reporting and searching)
Add to Inbox Put this applicant into YOUR inbox for quick access to his/her information.

Step 5 – Send an Email

Send an email to the potential applicant, if desired, to get more information, qualify the person, etc.  Press Cancel to complete the process without sending the applicant an email.  This email is a template and can be configured via the Admin > Page Builder section. For more details, please see the Admin Manual

Bulk Import

The Cyber Recruiter Advanced Import Utility allows you to import a folder full of documents of any type directly into your existing Cyber Recruiter SQL Database.  Before using this utility, you must have an active support plan with Visibility Software and be running the Professional or Enterprise version of the software.  

Installing the Utility

  1. Verify that the .NET Framework 4.0 is installed on the machine you intend to run the utility from.  This utility can be run on the server or from a client’s workstation.  No matter where the utility is run from, the machine must be able to connect to the Cyber Recruiter SQL Server and the user must be an administrator of the machine.  If security warning messages appear, run the program directly on the SQL Server, right-click and select 'Run as Administrator'.
  2. As of version 11, this program is in the installation files. Find the "AdvImportSov" folder in the list of program files for Cyber Recruiter.
  3. To run the utility, double-click the file CRAdvSov.exe in that folder.  Login using a valid SQL login for your Cyber Recruiter database on your SQL Server.  Your IT staff may need to provide this information. To use an account other than SA create a new login in SQL called “cruser” or “crimport” and give it public and DBO rights to the CR database. 

Using the Utility

Once you are logged in, click the Setup button.  

Import Page
Click the Browse button and browse to the folder where you resumes are stored.   

Next, enter the Application Date, Status and Referral Source you’d like these resumes to be imported with.  If you’d like to simultaneously attach all of the imported resumes to a particular requisition, choose it in the Requisition drop-down. 

Click Process to actually import the entire folder of resumes.

Once complete, if any errors were encountered a screen will appear with the details of those errors.  If this screen does not appear, it means no errors were encountered.  If the error page appears and any of the errors are not obvious, contact Visibility Software.

Advanced Import Fields

Detailed below is a more in-depth listing on what is read from the resume when using the import

- First Name

- Last Name

- Middle Name

- Home Phone Number

- Cell Phone Number

- Address Line 1

- City

- State

- Zip

- Email Address

- Text Resume


The advanced import tool has an awesome skills list which is also considered when parsing resumes. If a skill on the list is found in the resume, it is populated in the Applicant File > Experience Page > Skills Tab and it is populated in the Admin > Codes > Skills Code Table for future use. There is a setting in the Admin > Links > Pre- Defined Links > Advanced Applicant Import to turn this Skills feature on/off. If the Include Skills checkbox is selected the Skills feature is turned on for parsing, if the checkbox is left empty this Skills feature is turned off. (Note: it will add the skill but will not add the years or comments to the skills).

Educational Experience

- School

- Degree

- Major

- City, State Zip

- Note (Education History)

 Previous Employment Experience

- Employer Name

- Job Title

- Start Date

- End Date

- Responsibilities

- City

- State

- Zip


- Reference Name

- Phone

- Email


To have licenses parsed into the Applicant File, first create a skill code in Cyber Recruiter called LICENSE with the description of “License”. Then when the resume is parsed, for each license found, the LICENSE skills is added with a note to provide the name of the license and the expiration date.