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Default Reports


Certain reports have been created as 'default' reports in the Report Writer tool.  These reports should NEVER be changed and saved with the same name because each release includes an updated copy of the report.  If a report needs to be modified, edit the report and select 'Save As' to save the updated report with a new name and potentially in a new location.

The current list of reports includes

Category Report  Brief Definition 
Configuration Login Summary-More Details Summary view of all the user security details
  User List User Listing

Dashboards  Standard Dashboard  Example dashboard (consolidation of multiple reports)
Standard AAP Details by Req  Applicants grouped by job; includes current status, hispanic, ethnic origin, gender.
  Affirmative Action Report Applicants grouped by job; includes current status, hispanic, ethnic origin, gender. 
  Applicant Flow by Position Applicants grouped by job; includes manager, org structure, status and date assigned.
  Applicant Interviews Applicant interview details.
  Applicant Routings by Requisition Applicant routing details.
  Cost Per Hire Adds the costs connected to each requisition to calculate a cost per hire. Can be expanded to group by and organizational level or year, etc. 
  Days Open Requisition details on how long a position has been open.
  Deleted Applicants Listing of applicants who have been deleted from the system.
  Deleted Jobs Listing of requisitions which have been deleted from the system. 
  Employee Referral Bonus Details on the employee referral bonuses.
  History Applicant history.
  Jobs Opened by Month Chart of the jobs opened each month for the current year. 
  New Applicants Gauge of new applicants for the current year.
  Open Reqs by Recruiter Summary and detail of the current open requisitions organized by recruiter.
  Outstanding Req Approval List of outstanding approvals related to a requisition.
  Outstanding Routings by Requisition List of outstanding routings grouped by requisition.
  Recruiting Flow Report  
  Referral Source Trends  
  Requisition Activity Summary  
  Requisition Attached Applicants  
  Requisitions Attached Applicants  
  Time to Fill Report  
  Time to Fill for Multiple Openings Displays the time to fill a position based and breaks out multiple hires connected to the same requistion.
  Upcoming Interviews  

Sub Reports  Closed Requisitions Shows closed requisitions and includes dates and those hired.
  On Hold Requisitions Shows requisitions which are on hold and includes date needed, requested and number of days since requested.
  Open Requisitions Summary report of open requisitions.  Shows date requested, opened, days open, and number of applicants applied, routed, interviewed, and offer jobs.
  Requisitions and Assigned Applicants All requisitions; includes job, applicant name, date assigned, current status and date of status.

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