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Print App

The Print Application Report tracks information relevant to the applicant. The font for the report can be changed by taking the following steps:

On the Cyber Recruiter server, open AppPrint.aspx in notepad. Find the line that looks like this

<body style="font-family: Verdana; font-size:10pt;">

And change the font name and/or size to whatever you like and save and close the file. You’ll have to make this adjustment every time you apply our update because it will also set back to Verdana/10pt.

This report is controlled by group security in two ways.
  1. The report can be deactivated for a group of users globally by selecting "No" for the option "Can Print Application".  Setting the option to "No" prevents the report from being in the applicant file drop-down menu and prevents it from being on the standard emails as a link for access to the report.
  2. The report references back to group security to determine which sections of the report should display when accessed.  If a group of users does not have at least "View Only" access to the page it will not show.  For example, if "Miliary History" is set to "None", then this section will not be listed on the report when it is printed.   

If proper group security is set, this report can be access via the following methods:

  1. Select this option from the Applicant file menu.
  2. Add this link to the Standard Emails.
  3. A copy of this report is saved as the "Application" in the attachment page if the option to save a PDF copy of the application is turned on.  NOTE: This will be of the full report and NOT based on group security.

This report will include the following sections if full access is turned on:

  1. Applicant Name & Company Name from the System Setup page (shown in the header)
  2. Contact Information - pull the applicant's home information from the Demographics page
  3. Application Questions - pulls the questions and corresponding answer from the Application page. 
    1. All "Standard" questions will appear first
    2. All "Custom" questions developed in the Page Builder section will display next; grouped by the group assigned and then sorted by the order assigned.
  4. Requisitions Attached - pulls the job code and title from the Activity > Attached Reqs page
    1. Referral Source for the specific job (if completed) will show in [xxx] next to the requisition job title
    2. Requisition Questions - pulls the questions and corresponding answers from the Application page
      1. Questions will display under each requisition, grouped by the group header and then are listed by the order assigned.
  5. Education - pulls all details from the Experience page > Education tab
  6. Previous Employment - pulls all details from the Experience page > Previous Employment tab
  7. Skills - pulls the skill and years of experience from the Experience page > Skills tab
  8. References - pulls the summary information entered by the applicant from the References page
  9. Security Clearance - pulls the summary information from the Experience page > Security Clearance tab
  10. Military History - pulls the summary information from the Experience page > Military History tab
  11. Misc - pulls any miscellaneous field/values from the misc page.
  12. Applicant Agreement - posts the agreement which the applicant reviewed during the application process.  NOTE: this is saved with the report so if the agreement is changed there is a record of what the applicant actually read and signed.
  13. Signature - pulls the signature information from the Application page.

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