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Requisition Questions

Page Location: Applicant File > Application > Requisition Questions Tab

Requisition Questions are specific to the position and come from the Requisition File > Req Questions Page.  

Three columns of information display in the summary table on the top of the page.

Column  Purpose 
Requisition (Req Status) Displays the requisition code, title and current status of any jobs the applicant is connected to via the Activity > Assigned Reqs page.
Clicking on the Hyperlink (if this is an option based on the user's security) will take the user to the requisition information.
Assign Date  Displays the date the person was connected to this requisition.
Questions Will display N/A or a number depending on how scoring of requisition questions is defined. 
Click on the N/A or the number and the page will refresh and display the questions/answers below the summary table.

Groups can be assigned to each questions to help organize this page. The listing of the questions will display in the group based on the Group names defined in the Requisition Questions set section. 

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