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Data Sources - Atypical Connections

Most of the time the connection between sources will be based on the Requisition Code or the Applicant Number.  However there are two other sources which are sometimes needed and the connection between the sources is more unique.

"Login" Data Source

The "View_Login" Data Source stores all the user information.  This source provides additional information specific to a user (email address, security permissions, etc.) For example, if a report is needed to list the Requisitions and Applicants connected and have the Recruiter listed with the email address of the Recruiter.  Linking to the Login Data Source is the only way to get the email address of the Recruiter.

When using this data source, the Field will be ‘UserID’ in the View_Logins source and it can then be connected to any field which stores the user ID in the system (Recruiter, Manager, To See (in the Invite data source), Routed To, etc.). The field in the data sources will change based on the role of the user but the connection to the Login field will always be UserID.

View_Login.userID = View_ConnectorAppReq.Recruiter

View_Login.userID = View_Routing.ToSee

"Code Table" Data Source

Drop-downs in the system are controlled 90% of the time by values stored under Admin > Codes.  The individual screens show the description but store the code in the background. 

When using a data source and selecting the specific field (EEO for example) the value in the report will be the code, not the description seen on the screen.  95% of the descriptions are also written into the data sources and are denoted by an underscore (_) before the name (_EEO for example). 

Occasionally, some values are not written into the data source but they can still be used in a report by connection to the data source called View_CodeTable.   When using this data source, the Field will be ‘Code’ and it can be connected to different fields in the system which store the code (PositionDesired, FunctionalTitle, ReferralSource, etc.)

View_CodeTable.code = View_ConnectorAppReq.PostiionDesired

View_CodeTable.code = View_Req.FunctionalTitle

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